Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid Caught Holding Hands

It's official! Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are dating. Paparazzi caught them holding hands during a date night at The Nice Guy. 

Hey! You don't need proofs anymore because Malik and Hadid are caught doing some PDA on Saturday, November 28. We learned about the romance between the singer and model, and they're now taking their relationship to a next new level. This is kinda exciting news.

The pair got spotted by paparazzi leaving The Nice Guy at 2:30 am. What's more intriguing is they go out the place hand in hand. Too cute not to report. Lol.

Early this November 2015, the two was linked together and they are not in denial of it. Zayn and Gigi are too open about their relationship. They can't hide their affections that's why fans are getting crazier. However, despite being too transparent about their status, we can't still see them flaunting their relationship, except their latest holding hands.

Photographers met the couples on their way out The Nice Guy. Of course, these Paparazzis want to get the hottest spot so they keep capturing photos of Gigi and Zayn. Even being captured and photographed, the two calmly strolled out the place while their hands keep clutching each other until they entered their vehicle. No one can deter the couple from being sweet together.

According to, Gigi and Zayn went out the place a little upset expecting that no one will catch them as they covertly exit at the back door of the venue. But they were welcomed by a waiting crowd outside. You know guys, paparazzi will do all their craziest best just to find the perfect lead anytime of the day. And you two are good leads.

A report from TMZ says that Zayn and Gigi entered the resto separately to minimize gossips and to avoid the crowd. Guys, you are already caught-on-cam and your photos are actually circulating around the social media. Don't be shy. It's now time to reveal your feelings. We are waiting for your official statement. But I guess, the photos already show it all.

Malik and Hadid enjoy their company at The Nice Guy Restaurant. This became their go-to date spot, where they were seen having a dinner on November 24 with Bella Hadid. A source told E! News that the couples couldn't hide their sweetness and can't take their hands off each other.

The source said that the two are holding their hands under the table and whispering sweet things with each other. Zayn was also seen holding Gigi's legs. Oh, my! This is intriguing and calls for an update. Gigi enjoys a day with Zayne and he could not stay a place without the singer.

The favorite restaurant of these sweet couple is no other than The Nice Guy. It seems to be the place where the love story begun. Reporters will surely take the time to visit the place to spot Gigi and Zayn. Hope to see you both when I get there.

What can you say about their love story? Share us your thoughts!

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