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Psy Dances in His New YouTube "Daddy" Video

08. December 2015

The "Gangnam Style" singer- rapper, Psy, is now back with his new video" Daddy". The South Korean artist is ready to hit the limelight and billion Youtube views once again.In 2012, Psy's debuted his Gangnam Style, which became a hit all over the world. People became crazy dancing to the beat of the song. It also became the number one most played song on radios. It broke Youtube and was declared to be a sensation for reaching a billion views after its online release. Wow! Gangnam Style was  a total hit on the web.

YouTube can't even accommodate the number of views the video gets that's why they need to reconfigure its counter. As of to date, Gangnam Style has 2.46 billion views. Amazing!

Psy also released "Gentleman" and "Hangover" after the Gangnam Style but gained lesser popularity than his first Youtube hit. Don't worry, the songs received enough attention but actually won't match his top viewed video. Remember, it hit a billion views and became the most played song in the radio. How would you make another song outbreak the record? Maybe on the next few years.  Well, Psy is working hard for it.

On November 30, Monday, Psy released his newest video on Youtube. The "Daddy" has a unique style that will seriously outshine "Gangnam Style". The clip is sleekly stylized and weird, which is expected from the Korean star. Anytime next year, the song will surely be a new all- time champ. Expect it being played on your radio several times a day.

From an old man to a flamenco dancer, to a fiendishly creepy child, Psy did it all. As usual, it is insanely and explosively colorful, which I guess is intended for a viral video. Yes, Psy did all the acts and he is the heart of the video. With him is CL, who sings the "Daddy" track.

The rest of the video is deliciously bizarre. Think of Psy, think of the type of videos he creates. That's it. That is Psy. That is "Daddy". The singer made sure that his fans will enjoy his newest video. But he warns them to be careful. Why? At "Daddy", things get weird and you should manage that.

Aside from Psy's newest video, "Daddy", watch out for "Chiljib PSY- Da", his newest album, released on December 1.

Psy started his music career in 2001 after he graduated from Boston University and Berklee College of Music. His first album was "PSYcho World, which concerned the civil groups because of its too personal and intriguing lyrics that influences the Korean teens. The issue restricted his album sales to adults only and he paid fines for the violation. His two album 2 and 3 Psy capitalized the controversy but earned accolades at the Seoul Music Awards and 2004 SBS. He also earned recognition from SBS Music Awards and KM Music Festival with his third album Sa Jib (Sa House) in 2006.

Aside from his musical gigs, Psy also appears on Korean game shows as regular host. He is part of the X-man and Golden Fishery.

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