Superfan Received a Surprise from Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift meets and surprised a superfan in her Sydney concert. Who was the lucky girl who got the chance to meet Tay?

The 12-year-old superfan of Taylor Swift, Jorja Hope, was diagnosed with bilateral inner- ear loss and is slowly losing her hearing. Upon learning her condition, one thing the little girl said is, " I won't be able to hear Taylor Swift sing". Earlier this year, the Maitland school girl was already fitted with hearing aids to maximize her hearing capacity.

After knowing about her condition, Jorja's twin sister, Chloe, created a Facebook campaign named " Help Jorja meet Taylor Swift in Sydney 2015" to help her meet Tay before she totally loses her hearing. She specifically wishes that her twin meets Swift perform live on the 2015 Australian Tour.

Melissa, the twin's mother, said that her children know that the campaign will take too long to be realized and it is totally impossible, but the page rocketed and gained the attention of followers. The campaign was luckily picked by the Nova 96.9. The radio station organized the Chloe and Jorja's meet up with Swift. It was a real surprising moment for the family, especially for Jorja.

Last Saturday, November 28, Jorja, was the luckiest fan of Tay. The Sydney concert was attended by 76,000 people, but she was the one who was able to meet and greet Swift personally. Tay hug her tight! You, girl is so lucky!

The twins were gifted with shoes, dresses, jewelry and were make over by a make- up artist before they went to the concert through a limousine. Too cozy and sassy, girls!

The family posted on the Facebook page,

"It happened tonight, Jorja met Taylor! Chloe you did it!!! You gave your sister the ultimate gift! Taylor gave Jorja a massive hug"

The little girl was amazed meeting Swift. She described Taylor as "very very amazing and very pretty"

The twins also brought a pair of Australian ugg boots as a gift for Swift, which the singer received delightful during the concert.

“I didn’t expect her to be as tall as she was! She was very very nice,” said Jorja. Swift is a “good role model” who keeps on going, no matter what, the girl added. Swift is really her fan and idol. She admires Swift because no matter how people say bad things to her, she keeps on going.

“Things like this happen to other people, not to people like us,”

Melissa was too proud of her two girls. She admits that at first she felt helpless about the campaign. But Chloe's idea was successful. She said that the sisters worked hard for the page and all the effort was worth it.

Dreams do come true as long as you worked hard and pray for it. The country singer, Taylor Swift, just made someone exhilarated.

The Hope family thank the entire Facebook community and Nova 96.9 for the help they extended  to Chloe and Jorja to meet Taylor Swift. Jorja's dream came true. The family described the night as the most amazing night of their lives.

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