Exclusive: Niall Horan and Selena Gomez Caught Kissing

Niall Horan and Selena Gomez was caught in a steamed kissing scene on a party last December 4. Who do you think was responsible for the PDA?

The singers, Gomez and Horan, were reported to have a steamy make- out session on November 4 at Jenna Dewan's birthday party. It was in the middle of the kissing scene when the two got caught in action. The singers were spotted kissing in front of the crowd at the middle of the club. The question is who made the first move. Guess who, guys?

I don't know if it's a shocking revelation for you or not, I don't care. But our pretty Selena was the one who approached Niall. Meaning, she made the first move. Oh well, we all know that Selena admires the 1D hottie for some reasons, and grabs the opportunity to score to the singer. According to reports, the One Direction singer enjoys the night with Selena.

During Jenna Dewan's birthday celebration, it was obvious that Niall and Selena became clingy with each other. They seem to have a romantic affair. What I mean is they're more than friends. They couldn't take their hands off and can't stop whispering until they got the chance to do some make- out sesh. It was Selena who kissed Niall, said a source. Since she has a crush on the singer, Selena grabs the chance to act.

A source told HollywoodLife, “Selena was all over him and she was the aggressor and was loving the whole time being with Niall."

Niall was too lucky of this. On the other hand, Niall goes along with what's happening. Of course, he enjoys kissing Selena, too.

This guy just did his part. He was more than a billion dollar sweepstake winner during that evening. As a gentleman, Horan did his part to return all kisses to the singer. The hugs were so tight and meaningful. More than that, both became physical with each other. That was so hot!

“He was playing the part of someone that won the sweepstakes. He was loving everything that happened and was rolling with the punches, kissing and hugging her and being very physical with her all night.”

Oh, my! This sounds so cute and hot. What would be the next revelation after this? Exciting!

Selena and Niall sang during the Jingle Ball concert at Los Angeles earlier that night. That was not their first time to perform together on- stage, but it's the most controversial night for the two stars. Everybody knows about their being good friends. On November 23, the singers even got a dinner after the American Music Awards in L.A.

They are indeed a cute couple. But when will they reveal their true relationship? When do you think will the steamy kissing session go? Oh well, this is another exciting news for the coming days.

By the way, Niall is friend with Justin. This is an awkward happening. Does this mean that Selena is already over with Justin? What do you think is Justin's reaction on this report?

How about you, guys, What's your reaction? Tell us!

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