Demi Lovato and Her Clumsy Fall at The Jingle Ball

I don’t know if this is her trademark or what, but for the second time, Demi Lovato falls onstage after her 23 minutes performance during the Jingle Ball. The singer handles it like a boss! Cool, Lovato. 

The Confident singer made a clumsy fall after her set at the Jingle Ball performance in NYC on December 11. Lovato performed for 23 minutes, which was concluded by her song, “Cool for the summer”. Everybody was jumping and singing to her insane voice as she hits the highest notes of each song. That was the real signature of Demi.

After all the set, the singer paved goodbye to the crowd when the camera pans to the shouting audiences. That was a quick transition. The actual fall was not caught on- camera, however, it’s clear that the singer fell down the stage.

The singer was about to go off the stage when she was tripped over a microphone stand. The concert’s Livestream showed Demi lying on her back, flailing her legs and arms like an overturned turtle. The music made everything cool and sassy, and it was like part of the whole set, except that a band member was caught on act picking up the stand. That made her fall so clear.  Demi Lovato just handled herself like a boss.

Anyway, Demi Lovato just handled herself like a boss. She stood up immediately on her knees and waved to her fans showing goodbye. That’s a professional singer.

She was not even fazed by the fall. Instead, the singer tweeted, “Guys don’t you get it by now? Only cool kids fall on stage”, with a cool emoji wearing shades. That’s true, Demi. And cool kids can only tweak the embarrassment into something fun. You’re one of them, Demi.

While some people focused on the incident, more still recognized how sassy she was during her set. Demi was too sexy wearing a black bra top and high- waisted pants. It was also paired with thigh- high boots. Yes, we actually see the attire often in her every performance, but she always looks good in it.

Demi has fallen onstage on some her performance like when she promotes, “Cool for the Summer” in July. It was a real heart attack. While promoting the new track at the WaterMarke Tower, the 22-year old singer made a mighty fall. That was a scary moment. But, as a cool kid, she jumped in the pool after standing and hangs out with her fans.

The next time, please be careful and avoid tumbling down anywhere. That wasn’t cool anymore. It’s being clumsy already. But for now, everything was composed as it wasn’t a major stumble. Thumbs up to you, Demi, for doing great.

After all, we are still excited to see Demi’s next performance (and next fall. LOL).

Demi Lovato released her Confident album lately, which showed how confidence she was in her figure. She is an epitome of real beauty and confidence. We admire you, Demi. But we don’t admire your clumsiness. Lol.

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