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Chris Brown with Special Guest "Baby Royalty" in His Concert

19. December 2015

Chris Brown bids goodbye to fans in his Friday concert with a special guest. ­This little cutie simply rocks the stage with her blue striped hoody. Guess who was brown’s guest?

December 18 is one of the best concerts Brown had as he celebrated it with the love of his life, baby Royalty. The 26- year-old singer rocks the Hollywood Palladium stage on Friday night during the release of his new album “Royalty”.

After performing several songs from his new album, Brown finally revealed his special guest who was waiting at the backstage. Fans were surprised as he went out from the backstage with baby Royalty. Well, it’s isn’t obvious why Royalty was there.

The one-year-old baby was so cute in a blue striped hoody and pants. Brown carries Royalty shortly saying, "LA, I love you all so much. Thank you all for coming out. Get my new album in stores. Say bye. You don't want to say anything? Alright, she cool." 

Baby Royalty may be amazed by the large crowd she saw during the concert that’s why she’s speechless. Everybody gave the cutie a round of applause as she kissed her father before heading to the backstage.

Later that night, the rapper posted in his Instagram account,  “My ACE rocking wit me tonight”. That’s so sweet of you, daddy.

A new music video for the “Little More (Royalty)” was released hours before the concert. The video runs for about six- minutes and baby Royalty has almost stolen the show, who eats and plays with dad. Yes, she was the star of the show and his dad became the supporting actor in the music video.  That’s a real father character.

The concert was live-streamed across the country for the sake of his fans.

Chris Brown’s new album, “Royalty” is already in stores and one dollar of each sale until December 25 will be given in a charity work. Go and grab a copy of this album now.

In an interview with Real 92.3’s Big Boy, Chris Brown clarifies that making music and Royalty are the most important for him now. 

"My main focus now is just my music, but my daughter first. When it comes to me being able to perform and do this, it's cool. But for right now, I'm doing it all for her."

The 26-year-old daddy celebrated his first Father’s Day this year.

Fans have posted photos and videos of Brown and Royalty sharing the glamour onstage. Everybody was just so proud of this father- daughter relationship. They are too sweet.

Chris Brown is an American dancer, actor and recording artist. He has been singing in a church choir and was involved in several local talent shows. In 2004, the rapper signed a contract with Jive Records and released his self- titled album in 2015.

Apart from singing and rapping, Brown is also an actor and has been featured in several TV series. His debut on-screen was in the Stomp the Yard.

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