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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Spend Christmas Eve Together

26. December 2015

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa spend a sweet Christmas evening together with son Sebastian. The exes shared the revelry without heartache to salvage their strained relationship to make their adorable son happy.

Wiz and Amber put aside pride and differences to show Sebastian that everything is fine. The singer and model divorced on September 2014 after a year of marriage because of misunderstanding and cheating issues. However, the two always make time together for the sake of their only 2- year-old son.

Does this mean of reconciliation? It’ll be good news if Khalifa and Amber will rekindle after separation. Hollywoodlife.com reported that the two were caught going parties and clubs several times.  Amber also posted photos and clips of them as a family in her Instagram account. They seemed friendly in some of their photos.

Just recently, Amber posted a photo of them together captioned, “Still Ballin.” Well, all of these are initiated by Amber, of course, for Sebastian’s sake.

An insider told Hollywood life that the ex-couple is spending time together now and then; however, they’re not officially on again. Though, this might something we may expect in the future. We hope so.

According to the insider, the relationship of Amber and Wiz is only because of Sebastian. The child binds them together.

“It is very important for them to co-parent for the sake of Sebastian, especially around the holidays. They are very happy and get along much better than they once did, but things aren’t officially back on. But when it comes to the relationship side of things, Amber’s intentions are to get Wiz back full time and live as a family, but Wiz still has a wandering eye and doesn’t really have the same thoughts on that right now.”

Yes, we would love to see them happy again but the “See You Again” rapper has another priority than getting back with Amber. On September 4, Wiz was spotted hooking up with a busty blonde at the First Slice Media’s World’s Largest Festival.  We don’t know who the girl is, but it looks like she’s around 20 years old.

If you forget, Amber and Wiz announced divorce because of a cheating allegation. Amber revealed on Twitter that Wiz cheated on her. The issue worsens after the rapper released a song about her saying “he fell in love but fell out of love quicker”. Ouch!

However, during the Slut Walk on October 2, Amber Rose publicly forgave him. Interviews also said that Sebastian’s mom still loves Wiz.

“As you can imagine, him being the love of my life, regardless of us going through a separation or not, it was extremely hurtful,” she admitted. “I also forgave Wiz for what he said. Wiz actually apologized to me already, so I have forgiven him.” A day after, Amber posted a cute photo with Wiz on Instagram.

Obviously, Amber still hopes to build their family again. Let’s see where their Christmas reunion will go.

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