Katy Perry Wants Lesser F*ck for the New Year

 Katy Perry wants a better life in 2016. The “Dark Horse” singer would like to level up and be more experimental by next year. How would she do it? Let’s find out.

The year 2015 was a success to Perry. She ended 2015 with a bang as she had her Prismatic World Tour. This is her third concert in support of Prism, Katy’s fourth studio album. The world tour has become a successful global show with hundreds of sold out tickets in North America, New Zealand, UK, and Australia.

With all the successes of 2015, the International Superstar wants a real happy and simple life by next year. Katy Perry aims for a stress- free 2016 by worrying less about commentaries and outside criticisms.

The singer said in an interview that she wants to let go. "Next year I just want to let go a little bit more and - how can I say this as elegantly as possible - give less f**ks about outside commentary.

That’s a great New Year resolution, Perry. We hope you’ll achieve it despite the fact that you’re a celebrity. Your everyday is a news spot.

Anyway, aside from worrying less, the Prism singer wants to experiment. She promised to be more creative than ever through trying out new ways to improve herself. One of her 2016 goals is to have a new hairstyle.

"I want to experiment with being creative and artistic,” Perry told the List.

2016 opens for new opportunities to Perry. She is soon to embark in recording her new album anytime next year. To make everything smooth and sound, she would probably stop worrying about what other people and her bashers think and say about her.

She added with confidence, Really tapping into the artist that I am and presenting that in styling. I will look less for people's approval."

This is exciting for Katy Perry’s fans. Anytime by 2016, you’ll be seeing a different and better Katy.

Katy released the Prism album in 2013 just wants to be happier and healthier. These simple hopes mean a lot to her as she wants to make more time with family after being too busy touring.

 "It's really simple: it's just continued health for my family, happiness, togetherness and get-alongness."

We admire you, Katy, for being too simple. You’re such a stunning artist with simple goals in life. Hope you find your way getting there.

Katy Perry is an American actress, singer, and song- writer. She started singing in the church until given the opportunity to work with Red Hill records. Her debut album “Katy Hudson “was commercially unsuccessful. 

In 2008, Perry released Her “I Kissed a Girl” single, which made her famous. However, the song sparked controversy because of its homosexual premise.  

Katy Perry was the first singer who reached one billion views for her multiple videos on Vevo. Her song “Dark Horse” and “Roar” gain over billion views after its release. Her fourth album Prism will surely hit the same spot like her other albums.

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