Tyga Welcomed 2016 with a New Hairdo

Tyga kicked off 2016 with a new hairdo. The rapper dyes hair blonde and everybody reacted after revealing his new look on Instagram.

Everybody on Hollywood is making resolutions and planning for improvements for 2016. However, Tyga did it already. Instead of telling it to the world, the rapper just surprised us. The 26-year-old rapper has started his steps towards switching things for the New Year. He made a bold move of changing his hairdo.

From brown locks, Tyga made a dramatic fashion by combining two colors for his new hair color--- red and blonde. Not only one, but two hair colors to highlight what he is this 2016. Totally amazing! But what do Kylie Jenner thinks about the change?

Just after 2015 is over, Tyga revealed his dye job on Instagram captioned, “You know I had to stunt bae”.


With blonde on sides and red on top, his look is totally different from what he was last year. Along with his new style, the rapper is throwing a finger sign in the photo. Well, this guy doesn’t care about what you say. He loves his hair more than all your criticisms.

Guess what, Kylie haven’t seen his boo’s major makeover yet. The two did not spend New Year’s Eve together but Tyga did some random things on December 31st, and one of those was dying his hair. The couples have celebrated Christmas Eve at Kris Jenner’s bash. The two shared a photo of them about to kiss, which shows their relationship is totally at work. Good news, folks!

We are expecting a surprise from Kylie when they see each other after the New Year. One more thing, we hope that his girl will approve his red and blonde hair.

Aside from doing a total makeover for 2016, which was already accomplished, Tyga has another awesome resolution with Kylie Jenner. After giving her a diamond ring gift worth $33,000 on Christmas, he wants to marry her girl this year, a source revealed.  

Through all the craziness they have gone through and will go through he wants to lock it down and make Kylie his wife in 2016! He will ask her for her hand in marriage at some point for sure.”

Aw! We’re excited for this to happen. Do we need to congratulate you in advance? Woah!

The year 2015 has been rough for the couples after Kylie caught Tyga cheating on her. Despite the heartaches and alleged cheating, the two gets back together a day after the rumored break up.  The split didn’t last long meaning their relationship is unbreakable.

Kylie Jenner is an American television personality, reality TV star, brand ambassador and model for Seventeen Magazine. While Tyga is an American rapper who became famous with first-ever single, “Coconut Juice”.

Thumbs up for Tyga on making a big step in starting his 2016 great.  We are excited for your next resolution of marrying Kylie.

What do you think about Tyga’s new hairdo? Share us your thoughts about it!                         

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