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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Plans Engagement this 2016

06. January 2016

Another engagement this year? Just wow! One of the sweetest couples in Hollywood, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, are getting to the next level of their relationship. The couples are already living together according to reports.

The fairytale love story of Calvin and Tay is getting sweeter as they spend more time together. They don’t go out on a date but the two are staying in a roof already. More than being with each other often—day or night, they are also having plans about their engagement.

The “White Horse “singer became busy with his whirlwind tour. But after few months away, she is now staying with Calvin again. And it seems that her stay is for good.

A source told E!, “Now that her tour is over, they are living together at his house in Beverly Hills while she is having some work done on her new home (she was staying there in between tour dates too, but now she is back for longer and it will be more consistent),”

Tay became too busy with world tours and concerts for the past years. Maybe, this year is their year. They really need some quiet time together and their home is the best place for it.

The source revealed that they really into engagement plans. “They are definitely talking about their future together and the possibility of one day getting engaged. Making it work, despite their huge demanding schedules, and her tour, has proved to both of them that this is something that is serious and that could last. It’s really cemented their commitment to one another."

The two were also caught flaunting some major PDA in Calvin’s show on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Despite being so busy during the gig, he made sure to spend time with Swift.

Fans snapped some photos of the two showing Taylor’s sweetness to his guy. She can’t keep her hands off Calvin as shown on one of the photos. The “Out of the Woods” singer wraps arms to Calvin while staring at each other. Awwww! They are really cute. On the other photo, she snuggles to Calvin more often.

They both deserve the time together as they became so busy last 2015. The couples have to spend days apart because of work commitments. However, it doesn’t ruin the relationship. Instead, it made them stronger. Very nice!

For the meantime, Taylor Swift will be stepping out from the highlight for a break. This means that they will be together more often. Just like showing off some cute PDA on December 31, the two will surely surprise us with more of it.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift’s relationship is for real. As two of the busiest celebrities in music, they have managed to keep their relationship working. This is true love, indeed! You two are both awesome.

Calvin’s home will be filled with love, for sure, as they make up missed moments from last year.

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