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Justin Bieber Ready to Move on from Selena Gomez?

07. January 2016

Is this for real? Justin Bieber is letting go of Selena already? Meaning, the Jelena fever is soon to end. Oh my, gosh. This is a big deal for the Jelena fans. What’s the reason behind this revelation? Well, it’s for another girl.

Bieber is stepping in into a relationship again but with a new girl. Is this only a fling or a real deal? According to news, Bieber is making his best to be matured and be serious in his new relationship with Hailey Baldwin.

Their romance went to the next level as Justin posted photos of them cuddling, embracing, and even kissing during an NYE gateway. OMG! You know what; he also wishes that Selena has seen their kissing photo. This may be Bieber’s rebuttal on Selena and Niall’s steamy kissing sesh last year.

After posting tons of PDA photos during their New Year’s Eve gateway, Hailey and Justin are now making it official. The photos seem to be an indication that Justin is head over heels with his girl and wants to flaunt everything to the world. This is sweet but how about Selena? He has just serenaded Selena months ago, which everybody thought that they’re getting back together. Awww! Too deceiving.

A source told Hollywoodlife.com that the 21- year-old singer wants to move on from her and focus on Hailey this 2016.

“He will always have admiration and love for Selena and think about her fondly but this is so new and exciting that he is giving it a chance ever so slowly. It is still weird to him to focus on one girl but he is determined to give it his best shot. Hailey and Selena are two totally different scenarios for him, it would be weird for him to harp on Selena and the past if he is trying to make this new relationship work.”

Aside from moving on, he would also end his fling to other girls, especially to Kourtney Kardashian. According to an insider, Kourtney wasn’t even surprised about the kissing Instapic of Hailey and Beiber and thinking to end their affair. That’s good for you, girl.

“Kourtney is not surprised that Justin kissed another girl on New Year’s Eve. It still doesn’t make her very happy and she’s seriously considering whether she’s going to continue seeing him or not. She thought it wouldn’t bother her, but deep down it does. It’s just a wake-up call that her romance with Justin would never evolve into anything serious, “an insider revealed.

Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez, or Hailey Baldwin--- who is the real deal for you Justin? We hope that you’ll learn how to take the relationship seriously.

After posting all the make-out photos during the tropical gateway, we assumed that the “Sorry” singer is already making steps to move on from her long-time girl, Selena Gomez. If that’s the case, we must say goodbye to “Jelena” and say hello to “Jailey”. Sound good, isn’t it?

Are you a  Jelena or Jailey fan? Tell us your thoughts.

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