Joe Jonas Flirting with an America's Next Top Model Contestant

The year 2016 is full of love. Joe Jonas is already dating another girl after break up with the Victoria’s Secret model, Gigi Hadid, in 2015. After several months, the singer has finally moved on with an American Next Top Model contestant, Jessica Serfaty. Oh, Jonas has a thing with models.

Jessica and Joe were first linked on September 2015 as they were seen attending several occasions and parties together. And now, they were captured dating right after New Year. This means that the dating rumor is now for real.

The singer and model were spotted on Mammoth Lakes, Calif on January 3, Sunday afternoon. The two arrived together and stayed in one Airbnb house cabin. Did they sleep in a single bed? OMG! It seems that the romance is getting to the next level.

"They arrived Saturday and left Tuesday morning. They stayed in the same Airbnb house cabin. They ate lunch together at the resort. It seemed a little new, but they were very comfortable”, a source told E!

Jonas and Jessica stayed at Calif for almost 4 days and were caught making out. “At one point she pulled down his ski mask and gave him a kiss. They were also hugging and kissing a lot and seen holding hands”, an insider shared. Oh my gosh, you two are so romantic.

This blonde beauty was really affectionate and can’t take her hands off the singer during the ski trip. Several photos from their trip were already circulating online and fans can’t keep their emotions as Jonas already show signs of moving on.

Jessica also posted an Instagram selfie in Calif.

We are happy for Jonas as he already makes ways to move on from her ex, Gigi, for the first time. Even though it was a friendly split, still the singer felt upset when Hadid started dating the former 1D boy- bander, Malik.

A source told E!, "[Joe] still has feelings for Gigi that won't just disappear overnight. "They did love each other and he still has a love for Gigi. He is not looking to rush into another relationship though just yet. He is focusing on his music and new projects that are in the works. He has some great friends and family around so, like anything, he knows his feelings for Gigi will pass with time." You deserve to be happy, Joe.

On the other hand, Gigi Hadid was already over with Jonas with the new boyfriend, Zayn Malik. Hadid is really open about their relationship and can’t hide her happiness. She even posted photos of Zayn doing some cute and naughty stuff on her social accounts. They also did some apartment hunting last week in New York City. However, an insider confirmed that moving in together was not in their priorities, yet.

The lip- locking in the slopes has something to say. It isn’t a friendly kiss but an intimate one. Wow! Congrats Joe and Jessica.

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