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Lady Gaga Forgets Fiance During the Golden Globe Awarding

13. January 2016

Lady Gaga can’t help but cry on the Golden Globe Awarding as she received her first ever Golden Globe for her “American Horror Story: Hotel” performance. She has thanked everyone except for his fiancé, Taylor Kinney. Oh, my! That’s a huge flub, my dear.

Gaga had an emotional moment during the Golden Globe. The singer cried hysterically while accepting a Golden Globe for Best Performance for her unbelievable role on the “American Story: Hotel”, a motion picture made for television. She wonderfully delivered her speech while being too emotional. It was a raw and honest speech from the singer. However, she missed mentioning one of her greatest fans, his fiancé.

Included in her thank you speech were her parents, producers of the show, co- stars, and the crew. She delivered everything well with gratitude and enthusiasm. However, fans keep on waiting for a name to be called. Well, the speech has ended and the name Taylor Kinney wasn’t even mentioned. Does it mean something? Uh oh! Well, maybe she’s just really overwhelmed by the announcement.

Don’t worry guys. Gaga didn’t do it by purpose. It was an honest mistake and that doesn’t mean anything.


Others say that Gaga overreacted during the awarding. She really couldn’t stop crying. Well, we can’t blame her. Anyone who has received the award for the first time might have a similar reaction as well. Tears of joy!

It was a significant award for Lady Gaga. According to the Bad Romance singer, she really dreamed of becoming an actress before a singer. And with the Best Performance Award, Gaga says that it was a dream come true. You’re so lucky! Congratulations, Lady Gaga.

Aside from getting the Best Performance Award, Lady Gaga, and his fiancé were the cutest couple during the Golden Globe. They caught the attention of some paparazzi, and of course, their fans with some cute PDA acts during the awards night. They can’t resist kissing each other. Such a cute couple!

Among other couples during the awarding, the two became the center of attraction from the time they arrived on the venue. It wasn’t surprising at all. They are really over each other and can’t even hide their feelings.

More than their sweetness at the Golden Globe, the couple even posted for the V Magazine cover for a cause.

“I could not complete the covers of this issue without relinquishing one to an important cause. Taylor and I talk all the time about our unique existence on this earth. How can we use our creativity to heal people? Since we first met, Taylor’s been painting and drawing all over me. Years ago, when we were secretly living in San Diego and crashing on the floor of a beach shack, we never wore shoes. He told me he wanted to make love to me on a canvas,” Gaga told V Magazine.

All proceeds will go to the Born This Way Foundation.

Whatever happened during the Golden Globe is just an honest mistake. Anyway, congratulations Lady  Gaga!

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