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Liam Payne: "One Direction's Big Reunion Coming Soon"

19. January 2016

To all 1D fans out there, Liam Payne has an ultimate announcement for you. The boy band isn’t done for good. They’re just taking some personal rest and will be back in a “Big” reunion soon.

Payne didn’t mention exactly when we will see them together in a performance but he assures everyone that they’ll be staying together no matter what.

Just recently, rumors said that they split up for good. Meaning, we won’t see them together as a band. Shocks! The reason: they’re already fed up with each other. NOOOOOO! They’ve been together for five long years and are getting annoyed with each companion, said a news from nowhere. A statement went out that freaks out the 1D fanatic.

 “They’ve been in each other’s pockets for five years and are fed up with each other.They no longer travel together and sit in their own dressing rooms until they’re called on stage. They all cannot wait for the break and, at this rate, no one can see how they’ll return from this.”

Directioners take this news seriously and they’re like, “OMG, is this the end of the world?” Fans burst out their sentiments through the socials and the controversy begun spreading like a wildfire. 


Good thing, the cutest Liam squashed the bogus claims. While heading to the airport in Los Angeles of January 15, Paparazzi, videographers, photographers, and of course, fans mobbed to him. He was thrown with few questions and even stops when asked about the future of One Direction

 “No, no, no, no, no, We’ve just been nominated for two Brits,” Payne answered when squeezed about the band’s split.

He even voiced out about Zayn Malik’s return to the band, “Who knows. He’s just doing his own thing, I spoke to him”

Liam’s messages were short but clear enough to read. Guys, there’s a possible forever with 1D. ID isn’t splitting up. You must be happy now, Directioners.

Oops, hold on! He added one more thing. Aside from promising their come back, Payne revealed that One Direction’s return will be “BIG” and, guess what, they’ll be complete with Zayn Malik.  

“There’s enough people, we don’t need anyone else,” Liam added.

Okay, jump on. Zayn will always be part of 1D and the group is waiting for his return and they’ll never replace him with anyone else because Malik is best for the band. Perfect!


One Direction revealed that they would be taking rest this March 2016. Sad but true. But they really need it. According to an insider, the hiatus isn’t a surprise and they saw it coming. These guys need a break after several years of touring and performing.

The “can’t wait” news is inaccurate. The source added, “There’s no truth to this. “It remains a hiatus with the intention of reuniting as some point, as the guys have said in all recent interviews.”

So fans just keep calm and wait for the comeback.

And by the way, thanks Liam for your honesty.

Uh- oh. One Directioners, it’s time to hear your thoughts.

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