AWKWARD ALERT! Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin Party Together.

Justin Bieber may be so overwhelmed right now. Two of his girls are competing for his attention, affection, and love. Who we mean here? Well, none other than her ex Selena Gomez and rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin.

We just heard recently about Justin Beiber’s new affair with model Hailey Baldwin. She even spent New Year’s Eve with Bieber’s family in a gateway and was even captured hugging and kissing. However, earlier before the New Year Justin was seen serenading Sel and he also gave her a meaningful hug. Everybody’ confused, Bieber. Who’s really your girl?

On Sunday, January 17, these pretty girls unintentionally met at The Nice Guy. Instead of having fun, the night seems to be awkward for the two. Both tried to party with their own gangs, however, it became obvious that they were avoiding a run-in.

Sel being the ex and Hailey being his rumored girl, the night at the Nice Guy wasn’t that good. Have they talk or even approached each other? We guess, not! Many have seen how uncomfortable the night was for the singer and model. We have captured their awkward moments here!

Aside from having a not so good night at the Nice Guy, Hailey and Selena were both captured leaving the venue gloomily.

Selena was so pretty in her sexy black ensemble. However, her expressions don't compliment with her dress. She walks towards her car unconfidently and seems to avoid the paparazzi through covering her face with her long black hair. She didn’t look happy.

After Gomez, Hailey was spotted leaving the nice club with her dad. Meaning there're lesser chances of confrontation between the girls than what we’re expecting. Everybody is greeting her as she exits the club but he never shown any smile. He walks to the car with head low as if she’s seriously thinking of something, maybe Justin?

The Nice Guy is Bieber’s favorite club in LA, where he actually serenaded Sel on November 2015. Did he also take Hailey here? Ummm. I don’t think so. However, it’s interesting that the pretty ladies chose the club, with so many others, to party. Is it because they wish to see Justin that night? If ever, that would be too awkward. And Bieber might have a hard time choosing who he will approach.

The Nice Club may give Selena bittersweet memories of Justin and possibly aggravated because she saw Justin’s new girl. Though she’s having a good time with Niall Horan, whom she has caught having a steamy kissing sesh last year, the singer may still be in pain. We all don’t know. Her photo paints a thousand words.

Hailey knows that Sel is Justin’s serious ex and with her at the same club is nerve- wracking.

That was an awkward Sunday for them.

For the mean time, all we need is to wait for Justin to have a move. Will he reunite with her ex or pursue Hailey to a serious relationship.

Is it Jelena or Jailey? Vote for it!

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