5 Features to Consider Before Buying a Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth shower speakers are just around. You can see plenty of it on the web, which claims efficiency at competitive costs. However, not all Bluetooth wireless speakers are good investments. Some just show quality during the first week of usage but eventually crashes after some time. Others just cannot stand their waterproof claims.

People really do invest in these kinds of technologies as they enjoy and appreciate music so much. To get the best of your venture and to be satisfied with cool and quality music, considering these following Bluetooth shower speaker features are necessary:

Color Options

Shower speakers come with different shapes, sizes, and colors. However, not all are created equal. Some speaker brands have good aesthetics while the others look so ordinary.

There are also brands that offer several color options you can choose from. Always select the scheme that fits your personality and preferences. Brands like SpeakStick have five color options--- black, white, pink, green, and blue.

You can choose from any of it.

Bluetooth Compatibility

One of the purposes of wireless Bluetooth speakers is to provide users the ease of listening to music anytime and anywhere. With its Bluetooth feature, you can stream to your favorite music from your phone wherever you are, even in the shower.

Whether you’ll be using it from your desktop computer or your phone, considering its Bluetooth compatibility is necessary. Just like SpeakStick, it automatically connects to any Bluetooth devices available in the area.

Playback Time

Bluetooth waterproof speakers are wireless. Aside from streaming music from the shower, you can also bring it outside your home. This is your best companion to all your activities like hiking or swimming.

However, make sure to buy a speaker that has longer playback time yet shorter charging hours. There are speaker brands that instantly run out of battery after two to three hours of use but require four to eight hours of charging time.

When buying your speaker, select the one which can be used for at least six hours above. And can be recharged within two to three hours only. Having this shower speaker provides you with the optimum music experience during any of your activities.

Size and Weight

Shower speakers have different sizes and weight. Would you like the handy speakers or the one with a trolley? There are palm size speakers, like the SpeakStick, which you can bring anywhere and won’t occupy too much of space in your bag. On the left are bigger speakers, but can still be accommodated in your luggage. There are larger speakers which have dual functions like a speaker and cooler.

So before buying a Bluetooth shower streaming device, decide on what size and weight would you prefer but make sure to pick the one that provides quality and powerful output.

Call Features

More than listening to music from your playlist or other streaming applications, you can also take and answer calls with the Bluetooth waterproof speaker. When the device was already paired to your phone, you are now ready to receive calls and talk with the caller even when you’re in the bathroom.

Press the talk button on the SpeakStick and you can now talk with your family and friends for hours.

Consider these five best features when buying your speaker and you’ll surely get the most of your investment. And make sure to choose the brand that fits your style and personality to maximize your use and experience. Ultimately, select the waterproof speaker that offers quality and loud sound output.

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