How will this small speaker make your morning showers Rock?

Shower is fun. It’s undeniably one of the coolest activities to do in the morning or just any time of the day. You’ll get refreshed and it is proven to release stress. But you can do more in the shower. Aside from freshening up, make your shower more pleasurable with a shower speaker.


What is a Bluetooth Shower Speaker?

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You have probably heard about the famous Bluetooth shower speakers. This technology has become widely spread all over America and has extended to other parts of the world because of its helpful and engaging features. With this waterproof speakers, streaming to your music become more fun and exciting. You can bring it in the shower and enjoy your soundtrack next to you.

The name itself suggests that the speaker is multifunctional and offers more convenient. The Bluetooth feature allows you to connect the speaker in any Bluetooth enabled devices. And since it’s designed for the shower, bringing it in the bathroom is not a problem. Fulfill your dream concert with a waterproof shower speaker.

How will this speaker rock your shower?

You wouldn’t mind the time. With waterproof speakers on your side, you will surely have a longer stay in the shower. It’s not because you enjoyed rubbing those dry skins but you are having fun with the music.

Your shower is not anymore the usual one. It’s more engaging, fun, entertaining, and active. Most shower speaker users agree that their lives became more dynamic after they bought the streaming device.

An average shower turns out to be excellent by adding the coolest background music so starting your day with these is awesome.

Music all around the corner

From your bedroom to the dining to your shower, music is just around. Bringing the speaker anywhere is almost possible with its waterproof features. With its Bluetooth compatibility, streaming to your soundtrack is so easy and free. No worries in damaging any gadgets, especially your phone, because the waterproof speaker works wonder in connecting to your music even away for the source.

Go and rock your bathe without worrying of being electrocuted.

Limitless music all over

Get limitless possibilities with a shower speaker. Almost all speakers, like the SpeakStick, has long playtime. So if ever you want to soak longer in the shower while streaming to your playlist, then this cool gadget is for you. With longer playtime, listening to your songs is limitless.

Have fun in the shower and rock like a concert star.

Answer phone calls anywhere

It’s cool to take the music in the bath. And it’s also fun to answer phone calls while in the tub.

You won’t miss your phone calls anymore. Answer the calls through your speaker and talk with the caller as long as you want. The speaker has an installed microphone so the person on the other line can clearly hear you.

The usual bathroom activities just leveled up.

Shower speakers rock! Have fun the in the shower and embrace your music with the coolest Bluetooth waterproof streaming device.

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