3 Surprising Effects of Music You Probably Don’t Know!

Music has been with us for ages. From your grandmother’s teenage years to the present, you can still listen to it. The only difference between then and now is the type of music genre people engages and the way people consume it.

We still have the classical and opera music today; however, pop songs, heavy metals, and alike have entered the music industry and were embraced by today’s generations. Way back, my grandparents listen to their songs from the stereo. But in our generation, Bluetooth speakers play the songs. You can even bring it in the shower or anywhere you wishes.

Man Playing Music on His Guitar

However, despite the differences of our music preferences, let us take a look at how it exceptionally works in our lives.

I have few questions for you. Why do you listen to music? How often do you listen? How do you feel while listening?

Well, music has subtle effects in our lives. We thought that it’s just there to make a noise to our lonely morning showers, or to give us an elated pool party. Perhaps, you have a point. But there are more behind that.

Here are three surprising things music helps in our lives.


Improves creativity

Creative Project

Admit it, your creative juices just stop flowing especially when you need it. Whether you’re a designer, writer, or anyone rushing to finish a project, try to listen to music. It would help!

It is a proven fact that music is one source of creativity, however, not all kinds of music are. According to a study, creativity sparks out to a moderate noise level. On the other hand, loud music impairs innovation.  

As the sweet spot of creativity, moderate noise promotes abstract processing, as a result, makes us more creative and clever.  High noise such as heavy metals, however, makes us struggle to process information effectively.

Find a music that helps you process creativity. A lot of them are available for your use.


Predicts Personality

Relationship GoalsThrough music, we can predict personality. Do you agree?

An interesting experiment was conducted on young adults to determine their personality through their choice of music.

To couples, do you know the real personality of your partner? Take this study with a grain of salt. Check his playlist and see what his or her song types are. According to a study, your partner’s top 10 most-listened songs tell reliable predictions of the traits he or she has.

Identifying your personality traits

Heriot- Watt University shares us a break-down of music genres with corresponding personality traits.

  • Soul: Creative, gentle, outgoing, and have high self- esteem.
  • Chart pop: Hardworking, outgoing, with high self- esteem, not ease and creative.
  • Heavy Metal or Rock: Low self- esteem, ease, gentle, not outgoing and hardworking.
  • Bollywood: Outgoing and creative.
  • Indie: creative: low self- esteem, not gentle and hardworking
  • Dance: Outgoing and creative but not gentle
  • Reggae: Creative, high self- esteem, outgoing, not hard working
  • Western and Country: Outgoing and hard working
  • Opera: Creative and gentle
  • Rap: Outgoing
  • Classical: Creative and introvert
  • Jazz: High self- esteem, and outgoing.

Are you that type? Tell us!


Improves reasoning and motor skills

Peer discussion in the office

Children exposed to music training are more creative than those who don’t. More than being creative, they have better motor and reasoning skills. These children also excel on non-verbal reasoning and vocabulary. They can analyze varieties of visual information like identifying the differences and similarities of patterns and shapes.


Girls dancing to music

Now that you know the benefits of music, find your genre. It should be something you enjoy and appreciate. There are so many ways you can listen to your songs. A shower Bluetooth speaker would help to make the first step.

Music is for everyone. From children to young adults to elderly, music has surprising benefits and effects. How about you? How does music surprisingly affects your lives? Tell us in the comment box below.

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