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 5 Damn Things to Know About Damn Daniel

22. February 2016

Do you know who Damn Daniel is? This young cool man had become an online sensation after his friend uploaded a 30- second’s video on February 15. What is in the video? Oh! I guess you have viewed it already? If not, let me tell you.

Damn Daniel, real name Daniel Lara, debuted online when his friend Joshua Holz uploaded a 30 seconds snippet of Daniel walking around in his cool outfit. And every time he wears a new getup, Holz would exclaim, “Damn, Daniel”. I don’t know if it’s to compliment or tease him. They just loved it. Josh pays attention to Lara’s shoes as well. He even cries, “Back at it again with the white Vans!”

The short video has gone viral and the phrases, “Damn, Daniel, has been used all over the web. We’re not so sure why other online users find the video hilarious, but then again, it became a sensation. Check the video below.

You heard about “Damn, Daniel” and you’ve been probably using the phrase all day to tease your friends. Tell me! But you’re not sure who the men in the video are. Here we listed 5 damn things you should know about the newest online sensations. Get ready to be surprised!


Who is “Damn, Daniel”?

Damn Daniel

The cute boy you see in the video is Daniel Lara. You can follow him at @daniel_laraa and his open for new friendship. His Instagram account is _danlaraa. The “Damn, Daniel” video has been retweeted over 200,000 times from February 2015. That’s huge! You can still retweet it (only if you like. Lol)


Who filmed the “Damn, Daniel” video?

Daniel Lara’s friend, Joshua Holz, filmed the video. He posted it on his twitter before it gets viral on February 2015. The voice you heard in the background is Joshua’s. And this cool kid had coined the “Damn, Daniel” while teasing Lara’s outfit. Holz’s never thought that the video will be viral overnight.

Lara even posted a thank you message in his twitter.


What keeps these guys busy?

Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz

Guess what! Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz are still in high school. They are high school students at Riverside High School in California. Who would have thought that they are students? They might be teasing each other during their free hours.


Who is Daniel’s inspiration?

Does he have a girlfriend? Well, we stalked Lara’s social media account and it seems this guy loves Kendall Jenner and not anyone from the campus. He even retweeted photos of the model at the Paris Saint- Germain game in 2015. He also captioned it with heart emojis. So sweet!


What makes these guys special?

Damn! We don’t know. But these guys are so popular that rappers, Teej, Little, and LeBlanc, turned the 30 seconds viral video into a 3 minutes rap. Great work, guys! Listen to the song here.


Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz promised to post their next video once they hit 100,000 followers on Instagram. Let’s see if the next film will go viral as the “Damn, Daniel.”

Guys now tell us, how funny do you find this video? How damn this video is for you? Tell us your thoughts. 


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