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Rihanna Calls Leonardo DiCaprio the Night He Wins the Oscar

29. February 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his most- deserved Oscar award, after his 6 times Oscar nominations for the past 22 years on February 28, 2016, for starring the movie “The Revenant”. Everyone all over the world and the web waited for his name to be called during the awarding and are exhilarated for his winning. He gets all the congratulations and even received a surprise late call from his former flame Rihanna after the Oscar.

 Leonardo wins the Oscar

So the speculations are over. Rihanna and DiCaprio are really in good terms after the singer congratulated his former lover for his overdue Oscar win. Leonardo was surprised by the call and never expected anything from RiRi.

RiRi was very happy that Leo won the Oscar last night so she decided to congratulate him briefly. It was a short yet sweet conversation through FaceTime when Ri told Leo she was proud of him.

Leo was left speechless of the unexpected call. He thanked Rihanna and even showed her the Oscar.  

That’s it! Nothing more special happened during the phone call. Do you think there can be a continuation and longer version of their FaceTime? Hope so!


Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna


Earlier this year, Leonardo DeCaprio and Rihanna sparked a dating humor when they were seen in a Paris nightclub caressing each other. The two was also captured kissing during that night. Rihanna was in Paris for the shooting of the “Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets” while DiCaprio was there to promote his movie, “The Revenant”.

The two appeared to be very friendly together at the L’Arc club, and their faces were very close together as if they were kissing.

The dating humor was cleared when Us Weekly magazine revealed that the singer and actress are just friends and nothing more is in between. And the scene in Paris is not true as RiRi was with Cara Delivinge and Leo was there to attend a private party.


Leonardo DiCaprio and RiRi Dating in Paris


The two was linked together not only once but many times already. The dating rumor started when they were both photographed partying on several common occasions early last 2015.

Leonardo DeCaprio is a film producer, American actor, and most famous Hollywood’s bachelor. He won the Best Actor Award in 2014 from the Golden Globe and just received his first Oscars on February 28, 2016. DiCaprio starred the Blood Diamond, The Aviator, Titanic, and The Revenant.

Rihanna is a Barbadian actress and recording artist popular for her daring fashion statements and topping singles like Umbrella, SOS, Only Girl, Rude Boy, We Found Love, and more. She even collaborated with the best singers and actress in the industry.



Leonardo Di Caprio and Rihanna are good friends and have enjoyed their companionship together. Not only Rihanna is proud of Leo. Kate Winslet shows full support to his best friend and Titanic co-star. She was overjoyed by Leo’s winning and gave him a kiss on the cheek during the Oscar.

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