8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for MusiciansPromoting your music is important to the success of your career. Without marketing, your music won’t get heard by the masses and your target audiences.  Aside from these 5 ways to promote your music online, why not utilize Instagram?Here are 8 ways to use Instagram as your marketing platform.

1. Select a Memorable Username


8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

Choose a name that will best represent you as a solo artist or a band. Make sure that you select a common name that is easy to remember. If possible, use a keyword that will make your name more searchable on Instagram.

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2. Post a Photo Series


 8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

Instagram is designed for photo-sharing so take advantage by posting photo series of your activities. Ideally, top and popular music accounts have daily or weekly themes for more organized postings. This gives fans an idea when to check your account for possible updates.

You can also create custom hashtags for your posts like #FridayMusic for your fans to remember and use.

3. Engage with your Fans


8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

Interact with your fans using your Instagram. Engage with them through responding to their comments. Invite them to take photos or record videos of your concerts and gigs and share it with you using your handpicked hashtag. If possible, re-gram their posts.

Involving your fans on your Instagram activities can immeasurably help your account grow bigger and more reputable. 

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4. Upload Photos with your Fans


8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

Are your fans running up to take a photo with you or to get an autograph? Honor their request, document such special interaction, and post it on your Instagram.

These photos give you a credibility boost and show onlookers that your fans love you. Posting these moments make you appear more trustworthy to promoters, who may invite you for possible future music collaborations.

5. Cross-Post on Facebook and Twitter


8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

Take advantage of Instagram’s cross-post functionality on Facebook and Twitter. Synchronize your post so you won’t appear spamming on your social media accounts. One or two posts a day will do.

Using this Instagram feature will allow you to invite your Facebook or Twitter fans to follow you on your new Instagram account.

6. Plan your Marketing Strategy


8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

Plan your marketing strategies for Instagram. Orchestrate the type and schedule the time of your posts. Identify which time of the day your fans usually engage and see which photos make the most likes and comments.

Doing this helps you strategize your marketing to generate a great number of engagement from your fans.

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7. Embed an Instagram Widget on your Website


8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

Your website reflects you as a musician. Promoters check your site before they finally call you for a gig so display your Instagram profile on your page by embedding it. Show photos on your blog so visitors can see your Instagram activities. Make sure to post regularly to keep your account updated.

8. Use Related Hashtags


8 Surefire Ways to Boost Instagram for Musicians

Utilize music related hashtags to each of your photos. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post

Use a combination of the most-used and unique hashtags to boost interaction among your followers. Search for the top music-related accounts and check their hashtags. You can adapt those that are related to your genre.

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Instagram is an essential part of your online marketing success. Boost your engagement by designing marketing strategies for a surefire achievement and test the waters to see which is working and not. Aforethought planning helps you grow and succeed in a long run.

If you don’t have an Instagram account yet, create one now!

Do you have more tips to share? Feel free to comment below.

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