8 Ways to Exercise at Home with No Equipment Required

9 Ways to Exercise at Home with No Equipment Required

How often do you exercise? With busy schedules and tiresome activities from your regular working day, visiting the gym to exercise became your least priority, wherein fact, that should not be the case. Similar to eating healthy meals, exercising is also vital for our health, too.

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, here are 9 exercise routines you can do at home with no equipment required, just good music and an enthusiastic heart. Adding upbeat and cardio music in the background will for sure make a difference.

1. Brisk Walking

People usually overlook the importance of walking as an effective exercise routine. Although it is the simplest exercise that can be done anywhere, it still helps to tone your legs and build strength. This low tone aerobic exercise is not very exciting but will definitely help improve your physique.

2. Jogging in Place

You don’t need to go out just to jog because you can do it at the comforts of your home while watching your favorite movies or listening to your customized tracks. Surprisingly, jogging in place will keep you sweating throughout your routine. Wear a good pair of shoes to exercise at your ease.

3. Push-up

Most people hate push-ups because obviously, it’s hard to do. However, there are simple ways to build up your chest muscles and arm strength. Instead of doing the common pushup routine with your legs straight, you can lie down on your knees while pushing your arms against the floor. Push up can also be done in a standing position.

4. Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks have always been a fun exercise since we are kids. If we enjoyed doing it for recreation, why not take it seriously and do it routinely for your exercise. Jumping jack is undeniably a good warming up and a great cardio exercise. It will indeed pump up your heart in every jump.

5. Crunches

Build and strengthen your abdominal muscles by doing regular crunches. It can be tough at first but as you gradually go through the routine and were able to build your muscles, you can surely get your head up. As long as you feel the friction and cramp on your abdomen, you are doing it right.

6. Squats

Improve your legs and buttocks by doing regular squats. This exercise is simple as sitting and standing up on a chair. A few repetitions a day can gradually improve your lower body.

7. Weight Lifting

You don’t need to pay a gym fee or buy weights to do weight lifting. Utilize any item in your house like a can of biscuit or a jug of water to work yourself on heavier items.

8. Dancing

You don’t need to be a dancer to do the dancing. Any random steps will surely make you sweat. Aside from being a wonderful exercise, dancing is also good for the heart. It can positively boost your feeling while you enjoy your home exercise.

Set up your favorite tracks to enhance the over-all mood. Boost up the sound to hype up your energy. And confidently do your routines and sweat a lot with good music.A Bluetooth shower speaker can play your music. 

Exercising can be fun and economical. By just staying at home and doing these exercises on a regular basis, you will gradually reap the fruit of your labor and have healthier and fitter body.

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