What’s the difference between Bluetooth Shower Speaker and Shower Head Speaker?

Bluetooth Shower Speaker vs Shower Speaker Head


Transform your usual monotonous morning shower into fun and engaging activity through listening to your favorite music. It’s now time to invest on a shower speaker that enables you to stream your favorite tracks in the shower.

We have found two gadgets that will help you achieve a better morning routine--- the Bluetooth shower speaker and the shower head speaker. What’s the difference of the two?

Bluetooth Connectivity


Bluetooth Shower Speaker vs Shower Speaker Head


Bluetooth shower speaker has become popular for decades, especially for teens, as it offers limitless music access wherever they are. It enables you to stream music directly through the speaker by connecting it wireless with any Bluetooth device like iPhone and iPad.

Once the devices are connected, you can already play and listen to your favorite songs in your room, shower, or just anywhere you wanted. Navigate your music choice without the need of your phone as you can conveniently control it through the uniquely designed speaker buttons. Skip, play, forward and backward the music the way you want it.

Shower Speaker heads also enable you to connect wireless with any of your Bluetooth enabled devices like iPhone, android, and computer to sync and play your songs. It has a control button for navigating your music options, too.



Bluetooth Shower Speaker vs Shower Speaker Head


Bluetooth shower speakers are structured with a suction cap that fastens it to your shower wall or metal hook that clip it on your bag or bike if you are out for an adventure. These functions offer you the freedom to listen to music the best way possible without getting disturbed of possible drop and plunge that may cause damage.

Shower head speakers, on the other hand, are designed specifically to fit the shower head. Magnets hold the speaker for its easy affix and removal in case you have to recharge it.

Water- resistance level


Bluetooth Shower Speaker vs. Speaker Shower Head


Bluetooth shower can either be water-resistant or waterproof. How these two types differ?

Water-resistant speakers have minimum water tolerance. Avoid using it on activities with much exposure to water to avoid possible electric circuit that may damage your speaker. Waterproof speakers are totally protected from water penetration because it is covered tight with good materials. You can read more about the differences of water-resistant and waterproof speaker here.

On the other side, shower head speakers are waterproof. It plays your favorite tunes while the water passes through it.



Bluetooth Shower Speaker vs. Speaker Shower Head


After long hours of use, your speaker will surely get drained. Charge your shower speaker using USB cable. Just plug it in your computer and you can use it again after few hours. Shower head speaker is also rechargeable. But you need to remove it from your shower before you plug it for charging.

Call Feature


Bluetooth Shower Speaker vs. Speaker Shower Head


Bluetooth shower speaker has a call feature that allows you to answer phone calls directly from your speaker. Just press the play button to answer the call.

Shower head speaker, however, has no call feature.



Bluetooth Shower Speaker vs. Speaker Shower Head


Aside from shower singing, you can also bring the Bluetooth shower speaker anywhere to play your songs. Use it during a beach or pool party or you can bring it for extreme activities like kayaking, hiking, camping, mountain climbing and more. Rugged and waterproof speakers can handle such extremes.

Shower head speaker, aside from shower use, is also your best partner for outdoor activities. It is handy so you can use it outdoors. Please read your device’s user manual for instructions.


Bluetooth Shower Speaker vs. Speaker Shower Head


Overall, Bluetooth shower speaker and shower head speakers have almost similar features. Depending on your requirements, choose which of these two devices best compliment your activities.

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