Basic Camping Checklist: 5 Necessary Things to Bring on a Camping

Basic Camping Checklist Bluetooth shower speakers

Camping is fun. It’s actually one of the most challenging and exciting adventures to try. And by the time you are ready to make your first step toward your first campsite in the US, you will probably hear pieces of advice that share the “should and would “of going on a camp.

While they will give the most important items to pack in your bag, the chances that they may forget some simple yet necessary things for a better camping experience.

5 Necessary Things for Camping

We listed here 5 of the small but important items to pack in your bag during a camping trip.

1. Matches

Basic Camping Checklist Bluetooth shower speakers

You need to cook, warm yourself, and light up your site. Unless you have lived in the caves for years and know how to improvise, you can probably make your own fire. But for the sake of preparation and self- love, don’t forget to pack boxes of matches before you hit the trail.

Elevated areas lack oxygen so you will need more matches to strike to keep you warm. 

2. Rope

Basic Camping Checklist Bluetooth shower speakers

Ropes are common gears for campers.But apart from keeping yourself completely geared, ropes can offer you several benefits. You can make it a clothes line to dry garments or use it to install your tent.

Also, having extra cordage can help to take people out of an unexpected accident during your adventure on the way up.

3. Flashlight

Basic Camping Checklist Bluetooth shower speakers

The camp site may or may not supply you electricity during your stay so always prepare a flashlight and batteries.  

A flashlight or a headlamp can instantly give you illumination especially when you want to pee at the midst of the night or sneak some snacks.

You don’t need to rely on the power supply as you have the portable lights available in your bag.

4. Compass and Maps

Basic Camping Checklist Bluetooth shower speakers

GPS can be useful not until you lose the reception in your camping spot. So make sure you bring compass and maps. This makes your navigation much easier especially when you get lost in the forest.

It doesn’t need to be the most expensive out there. At least, it is something waterproof so you won’t get into a disaster in case you need it badly in the midst of a bad weather.

5. Waterproof Speaker

Basic Camping Checklist Bluetooth shower speakers

Whilst you have the above small valuables ready for your next camping, it is also important that you bring a speaker to make the camp more fun and engaging. Don’t risk your iPhone. We recommend a Bluetooth shower speaker to play your songs. 

Choose the speaker that can stand water penetration at all levels. A rigid yet portable waterproof speaker can help you cross the trials with ease. Make sure you bring the one that goes a long way without getting damaged under a sunny, rainy, or saturated environment. 

These 5 essentials must be in your basic camping checklist. Don’t forget to pack these things as they will make your trip more manageable than ever.

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