Bluetooth Shower Speakers: How to Find Your Best Match?

With all the innovative gadgets developed today, it’s hard to find the perfect product to support your needs and spoil your desires. Just recently, Bluetooth shower speakers are creating a noise, both on the physical and virtual market, because of its advanced features and superb benefits.

The increasing demand for these modern shower speakers, that allows you to stream music in the bathroom, creates a wide market and sellers for the item. Now, it’s hard to say where to find the best one.

How to Find Your Bluetooth Shower Speakers?

In our previous post, we recommended the 10 best Bluetooth shower speakers in the virtual market for 2016. We hope you find your best match. If not yet, here are 4 simple tips to help you choose the perfect shower speaker for your needs and desire.

Aside from the speaker’s features and benefits, which we have recurrently discussed here, these things must be well considered before you make a purchase.

1. Assess Your Listening Habit

Bluetooth Shower Speakers: How to Find Your Best Match?

First and foremost, it’s necessary to identify the frequency of your listening habit. Why? This is because we want you to get the maximum fun and enjoyment from purchasing your own shower speaker.

Do you listen to music almost everyday from the time you wake up until you go back to bed or just only in cases you feel like turning on the stereo?

By identifying this, you’ll be able to know if it’s really worth investing for shower Bluetooth speaker or not.

2. Identify Your Activities

Bluetooth Shower Speakers: How to Find Your Best Match?

There are different types of shower speakers being sold everywhere. For an instance, SpeakStick has three types of speakers for the shower--- the classic, pro, and prime.

The classic speaker is a home and bathroom speaker. The prime speaker is ideal for parties and long travels. And the pro speaker is made for rugged and extreme activities.

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Whether you are a homey-type and enjoys singing in the shower, or someone who likes partying, hiking, and extremes, there’s always a shower speaker capable of delivering and meeting your music requirements.

Depending on your activities, you’ll be able to pick and match the right device for your routine.

3. Determine Your Music Genre

Bluetooth Shower Speakers: How to Find Your Best Match?

Well, identifying your music genre plays an important role in choosing the type of speaker you want to purchase.

According to a survey, Rock music tops the most listened music in the United States. So if you enjoy rock music over Pop, then a shower speaker with loud and crisp music output is a better choice.

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Or if your prefer listening to jazz, gospel, or classical music, a Bluetooth shower speaker with fair and moderated sound is an ideal match.

4. Evaluate Your Surroundings

Bluetooth Shower Speakers: How to Find Your Best Match?

Lastly, checking on your surroundings is crucial to find the best wireless shower speakers.

Do you have kids that might experiment and play with your gadget? Well, SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker is safe for your children. It is made of durable and sturdy coating that won’t easily get ripped off when dropped.

You can even bring the speaker during your baby’s bath time and play children songs to make the shower time more enjoyable.

Moreover, you can personally enjoy listening to music in the shower without bringing your phone in or putting your bulky stereo in a maximum volume because a Bluetooth shower can do the work for you, at your ease and comfort.

Once you have identified these four things, you can probably select your perfect shower speaker match.

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