Bluetooth Shower Speakers Vs Wi-Fi Speakers: Which Is Better?

Bluetooth Shower Speakers Vs Wifi Speakers: Which Is Better?

The market has a wide array of wireless speakers to offer. Each of this speaker offers unique benefits that are worth the investment. But with the ocean of selections out there, you will probably get frustrated which of them is the best.

While almost all provides wonder on your listening experience of both music lovers and none, it is still best to identify the ultimate device that will meet your needs and desires.

The Difference between Bluetooth Shower Speakers and Wi-Fi Speakers


Out of the legion of wireless speakers, let us take a look at the benefits, differences, and similarities of Bluetooth shower speakers and Wi-Fi speakers. Let us all together assess which is way better than the other and deserves a spot on your bucket list this coming gift giving season.

Bluetooth Shower Speakers

Many folks are more comfortable using Bluetooth shower speakers. Aside from streaming to your favorite tracks straight in the shower, you can also bring the speaker out without compromising the sound quality.

Bluetooth Shower Speakers Vs Wifi Speakers: Which Is Better?

Bluetooth speakers for the shower have grown leaps and bounds since the day it was released in the market. Although it is limited to 50 feet transmission distance, nothing could beat its ability to connect to every modern technology like your iPhone and computer. It also works anywhere in the universe, whatever activities you want to indulge into.

Moreover, Bluetooth shower speakers easily connect with your mobile phones and devices.

Wi-Fi Speakers

Bluetooth has been one of the people’s choices when it comes to wireless devices.  However, Wi-Fi speakers are still superior in some ways.

Bluetooth Shower Speakers Vs Wifi Speakers: Which Is Better?

Wi-Fi streaming provides best features and benefits. You can access audio from different multiple sources like media servers and NAS storage devices. Moreover, it has better and quality audio transmission compared to Bluetooth. You won’t even get disturbed by mobile notifications while listening to your favorite music.

However, you are limited to a certain local area network, making this type ideal for home use. You can’t bring it on a trip like camping, outing, or a summer excursion except if you have a portable Wi-Fi stick to go with you

Nonetheless, Wi-Fi streaming devices are more expensive given its features.

The Pros and Cons of Bluetooth Shower speakers and Wi-Fi Speakers

 Bluetooth Shower Speakers Vs Wifi Speakers: Which Is Better?


Your best choice depends on how and why you want to listen to music. Always consider your lifestyle and means. Are you an on-the-go type or just prefer a home alone activities? Depending on your preferences and your activities, it’s easy to identify which of these two wireless devices, Bluetooth shower speaker or WiFi speaker, is best for you.

Ultimately, let your ears make the judgment.

Find the Best Speakers for Your Shower

Speakers for the shower have been in the trend today. If you are in search for the best streaming devices that would go with your daily activities or as a gift for special occasions, you could always go for the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speakers.

SpeakStick offers three types of shower speakers for your daily use. Whether you want to stream from the shower, during a camping trip, or while sailing the boat to the Mediterranean, our speakers are always on the go.

Choose from our Bluetooth shower speaker collections and get started with your fun filled music experience together with friends and family.

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  • Thanks for sharing some of the benefits of Bluetooth shower speakers. It is nice that you are able to take these speakers into the water without compromising the sound quality. I love the idea of being able to listen to music while I am showering. Hopefully, I can find a good set of speakers for my shower.

    Marie Watson

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