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How Students can Use a Bluetooth Shower Speaker in Studying Their Lesson

22. January 2017

Auditory Learner Bluetooth shower speakers

Students learn and acquire new information in different ways. There are approaches that seem effective to others but not for some. For an instance, others like reading books, while some prefer listening to audio recordings and class lectures, and the rest excel in practicum and classroom activities.

These learners fall into three different categories--- the visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learners. And these learning styles are apparent and present in every classroom. But for now, let us focus on how an auditory learner can easily and creatively grasp lessons.

The Auditory Learner

If you struggle remembering information from textbooks but can easily retain details from the classroom discussion and can simply recite your professor’s discussion almost verbatim, you are probably an auditory learner.

Just like music lovers, auditory learners learn best from hearing data and accounts. They retain 75% of information from words uttered as they are can easily associate word resonance and more likely to remember details when sang.

To improve your auditory skill, here are four activities you can practice.  

1. Play Recorded Lectures

Auditory Learner Bluetooth shower speakers

Auditory learners work best when listening to audio books and recorded lectures. With this, you can record your notes and listen to the recording during your free time to pass your assessment exams.

2. Useful for Group Lecture and Study

Auditory Learner Bluetooth shower speakers

You can do anything with your recorded files. Share it with you mates and start studying in a group. That's more fun than learning alone. While your phone has a loudspeaker feature, it is better to find a device that is really intended for playing recordings and music. For instance, a Bluetooth speaker

3. Portable for Everyday Use

Auditory Learner Bluetooth shower speakers

With a recorded file means you don’t need to bring your pile of textbook and notes. Record your notes on your phone and bring your handy speaker so you always review it any time of the day. Therefore,  you can always have fun without missing out school related work.

4. Play Music and Songs

Play music Bluetooth shower speakers

But if you are already burned out from studying and overloaded with information, you always deserve to rest and relax. It is proven that soothing music can rejuvenate the mind, which can help your prepare for a new set of information.

Play your favorite tunes in your Bluetooth speaker for the shower and lighten up.

This strategy is not necessarily intended for auditory learners alone as it can be helpful for others as well so feel free to experiment with the learning style that works for you.

If you believe that recording your lessons is the most ideal and convenient, do it. And don’t forget to complete your learning tools such as textbook, audio recorder, and a shower speaker to make the most out of your review.

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