Introduction to SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Introduction to SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker

25. June 2016

Traditionally, you rely on radio or karaoke for playing your songs. However, with the Bluetooth shower speakers flocking the technology mainstream, music streaming become better and more convenient.

With hundreds of speaker brands available across the web, here we introduce one of the leading and most durable speaker, the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker.

Who is SpeakStick?



Smartmixture has developed the SpeakStick with three great choices of quality speakers. It has a big aim of providing limitless music access, not only to music lovers, but to anyone who enjoys music. 

With that goal in mind, the SpeakStick created an innovative technology that enables you to listen to your favorite tunes anytime and anywhere. These shower speakers are water resistant designed for indoor and outdoor use.

The speakers have cool and durable aesthetics readily available for formal occasions or not. It also comes in different colors to qualify strict your standards.

More than the aesthetics, these shower speakers are designed uniquely with special features and benefits you will never like to trade off. 

What is your SpeakStick Shower speaker?


We are excited to show you the innovative and cool SpeakStick shower speakers. Here is a brief overview of the differences and similarities of each to help you decide which shower speaker to buy.

SpeakStick Classic

SpeakStick Classic


The SpeakStick Classic is the first speaker developed and offered by Smartmixture. It has a simple and decent design that delivers almost all the basic speaker qualities for a satisfying music streaming.

The SpeakStick Classic is perfect for shower singing and other outdoor activities like swimming and picnic. And since it is water-resistant, you will definitely have fun singing on top of your lungs, without getting frustrated of possible water penetration. 

Read more about SpeakStick Classic here.

SpeakStick Pro

SpeakStick Pro


The SpeakStick Pro is the upgraded version of the above speaker. Both speakers have similar features, however, the Pro has a better water-resistance level of IPX5. It is also designed with a hook to better clip it on your bag.

It is also portable perfect for any outdoor activities so you can confidently engage with extreme activities like kayaking, swimming, and hiking. 

Read more about SpeakStick Pro here.

SpeakStick Prime

SpeakStick PRIME


The SpeakStick Prime is a new innovative product of Smartmixture that offers better music streaming while you explore the wild outdoors. With one speaker, you will get three amazing benefits including loud audio device, clear speakerphone, and a charger.

This speaker has an IPX4 water- resistant rating so you will have fun singing along with your tunes wherever you are. Overall, the SpeakStick Prime is perfect for all your activities, from personal use to outdoor adventures.

Read more about SpeakStick Prime here.

Generally, the SpeakStick speakers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor activities and can accommodate your needs efficiently. However, always consider your activities before your purchase for a satisfying and pleasurable experience.

SpeakStick Shower SPeaker


Now that you know the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speakers, feel free to check for more information. And you can read these product reviews to get a feel of the speaker from the experience of its actual users.

People prefer portable, quality, and durable devices so the SpeakStick gives you these qualities. Enjoy limitless music with SpeakStick shower speaker wherever you are. 

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