Safety Information in Using Waterproof Shower Speakers

Safety Information in Using Waterproof Shower Speakers

As a consumer, one of the factors we consider before buying the product is its life. We think through of how long we can make use of the product and how much time we can able to enjoy it. It is a practical decision so to speak that we would spend more for a thing that has a longer life than to spend less for something with a life expectancy for only a month or what. Would you agree?

However, just like other things, a human intervention is needed to preserve a thing. Since waterproof shower speakers are electronic gadgets like your smartphones and tablets, there are things that must be done to keep this kind of gadget functioning for a longer period. For the fact that waterproof shower speakers come in contact with water, few guidelines must be kept in mind.

These are safety instructions that are recommended for you to follow. By following these tips, you will have more time to stream your most-loved soundtracks. And aside from keeping the device from breaking, these reminders are also for your safety. So keep calm and carry on!


Safety Information in Using Waterproof Shower Speakers

1. Keep the device away from fire and direct sunlight

Since it comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, putting it on fire or near in any flame will create an explosion. This will ultimately destroy the device and might harm you or anyone near it.

2. Move the device away from sharp objects

Close contact with sharp objects might cause the device some scratches which will affect its physical design. There will also a high probability that sharp object might be inserted into the device which results in a high risk of short circuit.

3. Do not repair the device if something’s not working

Only those legit technicians with proper training and experience are allowed to repair the device. This is to avoid further damages if repaired by someone who has no relevant background. You can contact a specialized technician or visit the store for any warranty you can avail.

4. Do not immerse in too much water

Each device is tested for its IP rating. An IP rating will tell you the tolerable level of water contact your device can stand for without being destroyed. You can find it in the user manual included in the package upon buying. So bear in mind the IP rating of your device. It will help you estimate how much water your device could take.

5. Listen to music in moderate volume level

Too much is bad, as they say. Playing music too loud will harm your sense of hearing. Listening to your songs at excessive sound levels can cause hearing loss. It is so much advisable to enjoy and play your songs at moderate sound levels.

6. Keep it away from children

The device is not a toy to be played by children. Though it is user-friendly, the device contains small parts and chemicals hazardous to children.



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