SpeakStick Shower Speaker: A Brief Comparison | Waterproof Speaker

SpeakStick Shower Speaker: A Brief Comparison

04. April 2017

SpeakStick Bluetooth shower has improved over the years. It all started from the genuine and humble idea of the founder, Mor Halali, who wants to improve the way people listen to music. And through his hard work and dedication, the brand SpeakStick was finally introduced in the market on 2012.

Fast forward today, SpeakStick has three innovative shower speakers--- the classic, pro, and prime.

Let’s take a look at the difference of each device.  


The classic Bluetooth shower speaker is a simple and elegant music gadget perfectly designed for music lovers. It has four color types and is made with a sturdy cover for protection from water splashes and penetration.

The speaker can easily be attached to the wall with its suction cap.

SpeakStick Bluetooth SHower speakers


Who can use the Classic Speaker?

The classic speaker by SpeakStick is designed for all music lovers from the range of students, employees, and up-and-coming musicians.

Where to use the shower speaker?

With IPX4 rating, the speaker is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can bring it in the shower or you can just hang it anywhere and let it play in the background while you do your chores. It is undeniably an ideal music device for excursion or picnic.

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The Prime shower speaker makes it possible for users to listen to music as long as they want to. It is designed with a battery that lasts up to 10 hours and is backed by a power bank to provide a continuous music experience for users.  

SpeakStick Bluetooth SHower speakers

Who can use the Prime Speaker?

The Prime SpeakStick is intended for those who want to enjoy non-stop music anywhere, any day. With its robust design, beautiful aesthetic and superb sound quality, the prime speaker will be best appreciated by party-goers, digital nomads, and travelers.

Where to use the shower speaker?

Whether you are going to hold a mini-party or a small group discussion, the Prime shower speaker will surely deliver high-quality audio elegance. Moreover, its 10 hours playtime provides a great advantage and convenience for long hours of activities.

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Created with a sturdy case, robust protection, solid audio quality, and fine-looking aesthetics, the Pro is perfect for any activity, may it be indoor or outdoor. It has IPX5 water penetration rating that proves to live longer despite impact, dust infiltration, and water submersion.

SpeakStick Bluetooth SHower speakers

Who can use the Pro Speaker?

If you are a die-hard fan of music and adventure, the pro speaker best suits you well. The Pro speaker will surely create a lasting impression for hikers, swimmers, and travelers.

Where to use the shower speaker?

The pro speaker is designed to stand and contend air, water, and land activities. With its robust cover, one can definitely enjoy the joy of the extreme outdoor.

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Each speaker has its unique purpose and caters to certain markets and activities. That being said, SpeakStick is made for everyone who loves to listen to music whenever, wherever.  

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