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Top 5 Mistakes Aspiring Musicians Make

22. August 2016

Top 5 Mistakes Most Aspiring Musicians Do

A professional musician has conquered an insurmountable mountain before he finally reaches the peak and claims that he wins. Along the way of his journey, he probably hit blocks and experience pitfalls but never gave in.

This is common to every musician even to those that instantly got the spotlight after their video trended overnight. Most likely, this will also apply to you as an aspiring musician.

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However, be wary of your actions as they may hinder you from becoming successful in your career. Here is a list of the top 5 mistakes musicians usually do to along their music journey.

1. Depends to Social Media

Top 5 Mistakes Most Aspiring Musicians Do

Social media is a great tool to get your name out World Wide Web. However, it is not your ultimate key way up to success. You can acquire thousands to millions of Facebook and Twitter followers and turn them into loyal fans but you have to consider making a website, too. Record companies pay more attention to your website.

The popular your website is, the impressive you are to them. So if you want to stir the industry, create your website and build your traffic.

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 2. Put my name out there

Top 5 Mistakes Most Aspiring Musicians Do

Bands and musicians want to put their name in the spotlight in an instant. However, it’s a wrong and dangerous approach and can make or break your profession.

Prior to making your music popular, work on converting your listeners to your active fans. This step can give you long-term success than one-time fame and limited satisfaction. Start small, you will eventually get bigger.

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3. I am only a musician

Top 5 Mistakes Most Aspiring Musicians Do

If you want to grow your music career and become a popular musician, market yourself. Don’t just spend your time on creating music and mastering the art. Instead, invest time in marketing your skills.

Go out, meet people, and market yourself to promoters and event organizers.  Participate and join support bands. This won’t hurt you, anyway.

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4. Not building connections

Top 5 Mistakes Most Aspiring Musicians Do

Intensify your relationship in the music industry. The old adage in the music world that says, It's not who you know, it's who knows you” does not anymore applies today.

Start building lasting and quality relationship, not simply getting connections and fans. You are placing yourself on top of their minds for future opportunities.

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5. Lack of understanding of the music industry

Top 5 Mistakes Most Aspiring Musicians Do

As an aspiring musician, a deep understanding of the industry is a must-have. You should know what record companies are looking and expecting from new bands. The fact that you are an amateur requires you to offer something valuable to them.

More than your music, these people are more interested in you and your band. Prove to them you are a good investment.

These are common mistakes made by musicians, which you should avoid right now. Practice, learn and connect to eventually build a strong reputation in the industry.

Apart from the list above, what other mistakes musicians fall into? Feel free to share with us your experience and tell us what you did to avoid those.


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