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8 Reasons Why a Bluetooth Shower Speaker is better than Your Phone

Of all streaming devices, a Bluetooth shower speaker is our most recommended as it works amazingly anywhere and anytime. A stereo or karaoke is great in playing music but impossible to bring anywhere? How about your phone? Would you dare to bring it while kayaking? Of course, you won’t and will never try!

So why do we recommend a Bluetooth shower speaker more than other streaming devices like you phone? Here 10 reasons why!

  1. Easy to use

It will never be a hassle to use a Bluetooth shower speaker even you are a first-timer. The easy- to- use control buttons make it possible to maneuver the speaker like a pro.

Just as simple as discovering the features of a new phone, a shower speaker also works similarly. You will certainly enjoy finding out how to power on and off the device, increase and decrease the volume, and most importantly connect it to Bluetooth devices.

  1. Durable

All shower speakers are made to survive pressures and dents. It is shockproof and has a solid casing that protects the speaker from mucks and future damages. The plastic casing was designed to avoid water permeation as well.

Placing the speaker along with other solid and heavy supplies, especially traveling could cause impairment, however, expect that the Bluetooth speaker would still work as new. The durability of Bluetooth shower speaker and its strong cover casing is outstanding so it will definitely last long.

  1. Friendly

Like a real friend, a shower speaker won’t leave you. Wherever you go, it will come and won’t burden. But instead, make good memories worth sharing. Like a friend, it will take charge of the lousy moments and would cheer you up by playing the upbeat music of your choice. You could even bring it in the shower and make your bath extra- terrific.

Bluetooth shower speakers are friendly to your kids. Play lullaby for your baby to have a sound sleep.

  1. Handy

Where on earth you go, whatever you do, a prodigious Bluetooth shower speaker is best to carry. Just allocate a small compartment in your bag to keep the speaker. It will neither add up to your luggage weight nor make it look bulky. You can either place it in your handbag or ask your daughter to bring it for you. 

Most waterproof speakers like the SpeakStick are only palm-sized so literally, it’s handy.

  1. Waterproof

Most Bluetooth shower speakers are either waterproof or water- resistant. Depending on your activity and preference, choose the gadget that best fits your lifestyle. Speakers vary in features. They can be water-resistant or totally waterproof. Your choice depends on how extent you will submerge the speaker below water.

If you are just to use the speaker for pleasure, like for shower singing or listening to songs, a water resistant type of speaker suffices. However, if you want to listen to music while scuba diving or for doing other activities alike, a waterproof speaker is all you need.

  1. Loud

A Bluetooth shower speaker does not only work wonders for rugged and outdoor activities. Indoor activities are made fun and elating, too.

A shower speaker hypes a simple get- together as it provides clear and vivid audio quality as if you’re using a karaoke. You have two options for controlling the speaker’s volume, either through the speaker control buttons or directly from your phone adjustments.

The speaker can provide the background music for your mini party with friends.

  1. Classy

Going out for a jog? Attending a small party? Travelling? Or just going anywhere else? The Bluetooth shower speaker is amazingly decent. The classy casing fits for all occasions, places, and activities.

Shower speaker comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors depending on the supplier. But the majority of these are elegant and stylish.

The SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker has 5 colors good for different types of personalities, more so a variety of activities. Girls would love the pink, white, and green. While the black and blue perfectly fit the boys. Over-all these speaker are just for everyone, regardless of age, status, race, gender, and all.

  1. Multi-function

More than just a speaker for the shower, Bluetooth speakers allow you to answer personal phone calls direct from it. A designated control button was designed to take calls so you don’t necessarily need your phone to answer. Everyone has found the hands-free call feature convenient especially when someone calls them while they shower. The built-in microphone clearly amplifies your voice for the caller to hear.

A multi- functional speaker helps anyone to multitask.

  1. Affordable

If you are a natural stingy, or should I say thrifty, you can still own a Bluetooth shower speaker. You can weigh in the price depending on the features you want.

From the plethora of speaker options available online, there is only handful of outstanding features being sold reasonably.  Do extra ferret to find the best one. The SpeakStick shower speakers are available at a very practical cost while you receive satiable benefits. They also have rug speakers good for extreme outdoor activities with only a little price nuance.

With low investment required, own an amazing Bluetooth shower speaker helping you to multi-task.

In lieu of a stereo or mp3 phones, a Bluetooth shower speaker can be a good and desirable alternative. With all the benefits this speaker offers, you are sure to get limitless access to your music, provide you with the coziness you aim for, and most importantly give you the maximum experience out of any activity. That way you will have a life with the coolest background music ever.        

I hope you are now more open to purchasing a Bluetooth shower speaker. With just $40 or less, you can have your own shower speaker from SpeakStick.

If you are still unsure why SpeakStick is a great investment, you can read here!

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