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Best Bluetooth Speakers for Shower, iPhone, and iPad

The demand for Bluetooth speakers is leveraging each day as users prove that having this helps improve their everyday activity. You can choose from splashproof and waterproof speakers depending on your needs. If you are an all-out adventurer then the waterproof speaker is for you. However, if your purpose is just to stream to music all day long, the splashproof Bluetooth speaker perfectly fits your lifestyle.

Splashproof or water-resistant speakers offer variety of features. Considering its water resistant level, you can use it in the shower, near water areas, or under the rain, though submerging it under water is not advisable. Moreover, most wireless speakers enable you to connect to iPhone, iPad, and other Bluetooth devices conveniently.

If you are reading this far, you are probably in search of the best Bluetooth Speakers for the shower, iPhone and Ipad. To help you out, we sift through almost all speaker brands being advertised online and we come up with this list. Hope we could help you in buying your first waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the shower.

SpeakStick Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Own a decent waterproof speaker at a budget- friendly price. The SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker is impressive gadget that caters amazing features and benefits for shower lovers and music enthusiasts. The unit is well built with rubber pad controls on the surface for an easy navigation of your music.

It has an easy setup that automatically configures when turned on. Moreover, the advanced Bluetooth 3.0 helps for an easy connect and play with other Bluetooth devices like your iPhone and iPad. Listen to your favorite soundtrack in just seconds. Speak with anyone direct from the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker as it has built-in microphone for a hands- free call feature.

Your purchase package includes a USB cord for easy charging and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee that secures your speaker’s lifetime operation. Affixed in the speaker is a large suction cup that holds the speaker in place while playing. You can now listen to your songs while taking a bath without the worry of splashing.

SpeakStick Bluetooth Waterpoof speaker is an ideal option to listen to your music whenever and wherever you are, even in the shower, or from your iPhone and iPad.

WhiteLabel SoundDew Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Having a compact and sleek design, the WhiteLabel SoundDrew Waterproof speaker also works great in the shower and easily gets connected to your iPhone and iPad. It is covered with plastic and rubber protecting it from drop and bounce. It’s also safe to bring and hang in the shower head as it is actually IPX5 water resistant, perfect for wet conditions and outdoor activities.

The WhiteLable also produces impressive sound quality making the music clear and crisp, plus the voice quality of phone callers answered from the speaker is loud as well. Listening to music is more accessible and fun. No time for worries as it is durable and sturdy so you could bring it anywhere at the most extreme moments. Moreover, the control buttons are easy to navigate making it user- friendly especially for kids and first-time users.

Brava CV Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

One of the best Bluetooth speakers for your iPhone and iPad is the Brava CV Tech. This is a waterproof speaker perfect for any indoor ad outdoor activities. No worries of bringing it near water areas as the speaker has unique and durable waterproof casing that was designed to survive water permeation up to 1 meter in depth. The navigation panel is so simple helping you easily connect it with your iPhone and iPad or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

Aside from improving your regular shower, Brava CV is also ready for all outdoor and extreme activities without the hesitation of a possible damage. Engaging into water activities like diving, canoeing, or kayaking becomes more exhilarating as the speaker optimizes the moment through playing loud and upbeat songs.

You can place it anywhere from your shower’s tile wall to your car or boat as the suction cup holds the speaker tight making it safe from drop and impact. Brava CV Waterproof Bluetooth speaker has a hands-free call feature allowing you to take wireless phone calls anytime as you wish.

Crazzie Audio Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Crazzie Audio has a superb sound quality that most music lovers would appreciate. Its audio quality is enough to handle small get together while making the moment fun. If you are after the sound quality, this is probably the best speaker for you to buy. Aside from being waterproof, you will get amazed on how loud and clear this shower speaker sounds so you are going to enjoy a decent audio from this portable speaker.

Take phone calls while in the shower and handle music navigation without the need to directly access your phone as you can do it on the Crazzie speaker. The control buttons are easy to grasp helping all first time owners to easily navigate it.

The speaker was also designed with a detachable suction cup and carabiner hook for you to stick or hang it anywhere you want. The strong suction cup allows you to attach the speaker in the wall without the worry of dropping it. Likewise, suspend it on your bike or bag whenever you have to go hiking or camping.

No need for a manual configuration as the Crazzie audio automatically sets up and connects with most Bluetooth enabled devices like your iPhone and iPad.

The Aukey SK-M3 Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Enjoy cool music anywhere from your bathroom to the beach with the Aukey SK-M3. With IPX6, you are free to immerse the speaker into the water up to 1 meter underwater. This means you are free from the fear of damaging your gadget even used near water areas. Instead, experience more fun with its great and superb audio performance.

Easily connect your iPad and iPhone, Android phones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices with the waterproof speaker. Aside from listening to your favorite songs, answering phone calls direct from this speaker is possible as well. Conveniently take or reject your calls whenever needed by just pushing the designated speaker buttons. Speaker navigations are simple and easy to handle.

Check out these 5 speakers for the shower, iPhone, and iPad and choose which one is for you. Have fun in the shower or anywhere you are with great music at your fingertip.

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