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Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker for Shower 2016

Bluetooth Speaker for shower became in demand in the market since the past years. Businesses catering the music streaming device are exponentially growing offering variety of speaker products with great features and benefits to consumers. The competition in the market becomes stiff pushing the providers to become innovative in their product. However, the innovation and development of new product styles and schemes made the Bluetooth Speaker expensive. You can still find affordable speakers for shower however offers limited features that would compromise your activity and fun.

In order for it not to happen, here are 5 best budget Bluetooth speakers for shower of 2016.

SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Price: $25

SpeakStick is an online supplier of music and streaming devices like the Bluetooth shower speaker. They have variety of Bluetooth speaker devices that comes in five different colors. Made with superb audio technology built for fun, hardcore, and fast activities, the Bluetooth would surely last a lifetime. It allows you to listen to music without audio challenges. SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker is all out for adventures, play, and fun, too.

It is made with durable water cover that protects from water penetration. Aside from being water- resistant, the SpeakStick has an amazing call feature for you to speak with anyone even you are in shower. It also charges fast and has four to six hours of playtime.

You can stand, stick, or hang the SpeakStick in place with the reliable suction cup attached to it. Plus you can listen to music by just connecting it to any Bluetooth devices with easy setup procedure.

The SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker is actually the best budget Bluetooth speaker of 2016.

JBL Clip

Price: $38.94

It is not a surprise that the JBL Clip is in the list of the best budget Bluetooth speaker of the year. For the past years, the company has made to offer affordable devices with amazing features. The JBL Clip has carabiner clip that makes it easier to carry. You can hang it on your bag, on your bike handle, or anywhere you think is necessary. The splash proof feature of JBL enables you to enjoy the music wherever even in the shower. However, JBL advise users not to soak it under water.

Though the speaker is not designed for water permeation, you would still enjoy music streaming as it connects with any Bluetooth devices like smartphones, iPad, iPhone, laptop, and more. The sound is not hefty to hold a beach party but works great as background music for a small get together.

JBL is a good option if you are in search of budget- friendly splashproof speaker.

DKnight MagicBox II

Price: $34.99

Made by DKnight, the Magicbox II has pack of features you would probably enjoy. For only $35, you will experience a nice boost of music and sound that is perfect for any outdoor activities and excursion. The bass offers a colossal sound for an ultimate listening experience. For people that are considering a stronger bass, the DKnight Magicbox II is for you.

Setting up the Bluetooth speaker is simple that even kids can handle it. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 version that enables you to continuously play music 30 feet away from the source. You have two options to play your music either to connect it through Bluetooth or by using the 3.5 mm input plug.

On the top surface of the shower speaker are the control buttons for you to operate the device.

CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth Speaker  

Price: $49.99

The name itself suggests that the speaker is ultra slim making it your perfect travel buddy. Zip it in on your bag pack and start wandering. The aesthetics definitely look great with aluminum unibody design making it lightweight. The control buttons are just on top allowing playback controls and hands-free call.

You could listen to music 30 feet away from the source with the Bluetooth 4.0 version and plug it via 3.5 mm input. If you are not a solid fan of Bluetooth connectivity, there is a microSD card slot to insert your memory card and play your songs.

Besides from the abovementioned features, you would also enjoy the hands-free feature when taking phone calls. You have the option to answer or reject it through the speaker. The CB3 Ultra Slim offers a decent 8- hour playtime.

Anker Soundcore

Price: $39.99

The Anker soundcore is a small speaker with longer battery life. There is nothing sophisticated with its aesthetic as it has a simple design, common to most speakers. However, if you are on the lookout for a device with minimal charging time, the Anker Soundcore is a great option. It offers an excellent 24 hours of playtime for only $33.99.

The sound is good with minimal distortion, perfect for a small get together or personal use.

Compared to the above Bluetooth connectivity, the Anker doubles the 33 feet distance range to 66 feet which is somehow awesome for a speaker. With that, the speaker still connects and plays clearly even 66 feet away from the sound source.

The Anker is also designed with a micro USB port that allows you to charge the speaker through your computer or laptop. The battery easily gets re-charged.

This device indisputably deserves to be in the best budget Bluetooth shower speaker list of 2016.

With companies competing for consumer’s attention to get more sales and profit, the most important now is to identify whose product your money is worth spending to. The price doesn’t matter if you will receive impressive features and excellent benefits. However, if you peruse carefully on each competing store, you will discover several best budget Bluetooth shower speakers that provides ease and fits your lifestyle.

We hope that this list influences your buying decision. Get the best experience from your shower speaker and enjoy the thrill having it in your adventure. Have limitless music having a Bluetooth shower speaker at your fingertips.

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