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The Pro:

Go out with style and bring your music whenever wherever. Enjoy wandering beautiful places and amazing destinations with this portable and intuitive handy speaker that keeps quality music along the way. There’s no saying no to extremes and adventures because the SpeakStick Pro Bluetooth shower speaker take any challenge. It’s your perfect buddy for hitting the trails. Just clip it onto your backpack or hook it on your bike and you are good to travel places! The SpeakStick Pro blends fittingly in the environment so if you want to climb mountains, dive oceans or just roam around the city, you will never get out of style. You will be surprised by how powerful the PRO waterproof Bluetooth speaker is.


The Classic:

Every day will never be the same if you have the SpeakStick Classic Bluetooth shower speakers with you. The speaker offers more fun while playing your favorite tracks and it makes most of your personal moments more dynamic than you ever had. Stay comfortable at home, do your chores energetically, and upgrade your sluggish morning shower to a lively and vigorous daily routine while listening to your favorite music. Every day is perfect with SpeakStick Classic. Want to go out and have some simple picnic with family or friends? Don’t forget to bring the Classic Bluetooth shower speaker to take care of your music while enjoying the moments outside your comfort  Life is better with music.


The Prime:

Live the lifestyle you always dreamed of! It’s time to get responsible of who you are and what you want without compromising anything. SpeakStick Prime Bluetooth shower speaker is always your perfect partner while unveiling the real independent you and the ultimate audio teammate for exploring the wide outdoors. You will definitely have a great time listening to music as it delivers quality music that brings music streaming to the next level. Explore the wild outdoors with your hi-tech and portable water-resistant speaker to experience the per perfect music sessions wherever you go.

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