Frequently Answered Questions 


Q: Would I be able to connect the SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower speaker to my phone and also to my husband’s phone so we can quickly change between them?

A: No, the SpeakStick can only be connected to a device at a time. Disconnect it from your phone to connect it to other devices.

Q: Does it instantly turn off when there is no Bluetooth connection?
A: No, it keeps on searching for open Bluetooth device until it has found one.

Q: How do I activate Siri on this tool?
A: Use your phone to activate Siri and use the SpeakStick microphone to make calls and send voice messages.

Q: Can I use this as a speakerphone?
A: Yes, SpeakStick has a built-in microphone that allows you to  answer and talk on the phone and clearly be heard on the other line. Just click on the “Play” button to answer the call. The music will immediately resume after the conversation.

Q: Can I bring it to the beach?
A: Yes, of course! Take it with you to the beach and enjoy your music. However, don't submerge the SpeakStick in the water. It isn't waterproof. 

Q: Does it connect with Apple iPhone 4?
A: Yes, it does. SpeakStick will connect to any Bluetooth- enabled devices like the iPhone 4. 

Q: Can I synchronize the Bluetooth shower speaker with an iPad as opposed to a phone?
A: Yes, you can use the SpeakStick with any tablets that have integrated Bluetooth technology.

Q: What is the water-resistance score of SpeakStick?
A: SpeakStick has an IPx4 water- resistant level. You can use it in the shower but must not be submerged in the water. 

Q: Can SpeakStick connect to the radio?
A: Yes. Turn on the radio from your phone and connect it to the Bluetooth device. It will automatically play the radio music.

Q: How can I reset the Bluetooth pairing?
A: Long press the Bluetooth button to search for new connection. You will have the option to connect it to other devices.

Q: Does the Bluetooth speaker go over of the suction cup quickly?
A: Yes. It is no hassle to setup the speaker and suction cup together.

Q: Do I need to silent the music before I answer a call from SpeakStick?
A: No need. The SpeakStick will automatically stop and resume after the call.

Q: Will it pair with a kindle?
A: Yes. The shower speaker will pair with any Bluetooth device including kindles.

Q: How do I turn off the speaker?
A: Long press the “Play” button to turn off the speaker.

Q: What does the red light mean when charging the Bluetooth shower speaker?
A: The red light indicates that the speaker is charging.

Q: Can I play YouTube video clips with this?
A: Yes! You can stream online and listen to Youtube video clips.

Q: What is the distinction between a waterproof and splash-proof speaker?
A: Waterproof speakers are safe from water permeation. Splash proof speakers, on the other hand, can only withstand splashes of water and are not recommended to be submerged in the water. 

Q: Can I alter between Pandora applications and also disconnect Pandora tunes with this?
A: Yes. You can stream from any applications including the Pandora apps.

Q: Would this Bluetooth shower speaker work with an iPad and also WiFi?
A: You can connect any device with the  SpeakStick through Bluetooth. It won't work through a Wi-Fi connection. 

Q: Just how far away will it get a Bluetooth signal?
A: The SpeakStick can connect to any device within 50 feet distance. 

Q: Can I attach the speaker to the way? wall?
A: Yes. The suction cup allows you to fasten the SpeakStick in the wall, car window, or anywhere you want.

Q: Can I still use it while charging?
A: Yes, you can. However, we recommend that you turn off the device while charging to avoid harm.

Q: How many Bluetooth gadgets can I connect to SpeakStick?
A: Only one at a time.

Q: Can I change the battery?
A: No. The battery you received in the package is the most compatible for the SpeakStick. Call our customer care for assistance.

Q: Can I listen to songs while doing something else with the phone?
A: Yes. The SpeakStick plays continuously in the background unless you will turn off the speaker.

Q: Does it have a “Forward track” feature?
A: Yes, it has. You can change the song either through the SpeakStick or through your phone.

Q: Can I integrate it to Mac PC?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Can I insert an SD card?
A: No. the speaker has no SD slot. 

Q: Is SpeakStick shockproof?
A: Yes, it is shockproof.

Q: Are there volume control buttons on the speaker?
A: Yes, there are. Just long press the forward button to increase the volume and the backward button to decrease the volume.