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Why SpeakStick?

SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower speakers give you the perfect freedom to listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere. Without the fear of water impacts, you can bring it to your travel, to the shower, and use it in your most special moments. With just small and handy speaker, experience loud and clear sound quality perfect for almost all activities.

Why is waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker important?

Music adds value to our lives. And the more we listen to it, the better and happier we become.

Music in the shower, camping, beach, or just anywhere is something we need. However, we are being bounded by some factors and threats, like water and moisture, that might damage our properties, for instance, our phone. The only way we can bring music with us is through Bluetooth shower speakers. With SpeakStick, there are no reasons for us to stop listening to music and be happier.

What problems SpeakStick can solve?

SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speakers are more than streaming devices. It helps solve problems that limit you to experience maximum happiness, satisfaction, and better well- being.

We want you to be happier at everything you do. And we love to see you enjoying moments without worrying about anything.

Going to the beach? Having fun with friends? Travelling alone? Or just taking a cool shower?

SpeakStick is your best partner!

If you need of music for a simple get- together, SpeakStick can help. It has clear, loud, and modulated volume that can host a party. It can serve you music for about four to six hours.

Want some music on your beach outing? No need to bring bulky speakers like the old- fashioned stereo. The SpeakStick can handle it. Perhaps, you can use your phone to play your songs, but are you willing to bring it close to water? I bet, no. 

With SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speakers, you don’t have to worry about water splashes and impacts. It is water-resistant so it is secured from damages that may cause by water moist.

How did we come up with the idea of SpeakStick?

We love quality music and we see the value of it to everyone. We wanted to give people the opportunity to listen to it anytime and anywhere they are. So we started developing a technology that supports our aim. With hard work and dedication in serving the needs of the people, we have created a water-resistant speaker with great sound and functionalities--- now we call the SpeakStick.

We did a lot of testing over the years to improve all of the SpeakStick’s aspects like sound, impact tolerance, effective suction cup, better reception, and extra responsive buttons. We made it! But we won’t stop there.

We are continuously striving for excellence and working to improve and upgrade the SpeakStick to a better version that will meet and satisfy people’s needs and demands.

How was it for us before using it?

Going to different places is boring without music until we release the SpeakStick that made a difference in each of our trips. It turned to be more valuable and exciting. We embraced music more as it became part of our lives.

If you like music like we do, you would likely to understand what we feel.

Why shouldn’t you wait to start using Speakstick?

SpeakStick has so much to offer you. People were surprised how great SpeakStick is. This is the only speaker that offers the best and quality sound. With just a small speaker, you can get bizarre and powerful audio that is never offered by other speakers, but only SpeakStick.

Share the best music experience with friends and family.

You probably don’t know this…

SpeakStick Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker is a great audio device. Everybody knows that. But it is more than a speaker. The SpeakStick also works as your speakerphone.

Communication is so important that we give significance to it as well. You can now answer phone calls direct from SpeakStick.  It has a built- in microphone and hands- free functions that allow you to speak to someone and be heard clearly on the other line.

We knew this!

The SpeakStick will change your life and make it 1011% more fun and enjoyable!

SpeakStick is for whom?

SpeakStick is for people who love music of any genre.
It’s for people who like to have fun.
It’s for people who care about sound quality.
It’s for people who believe that freedom is possible.

SpeakStick is for everyone!

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