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How to Have Fun In and Out of the Shower with a Shower Speaker?

If you are the kind of person who loves music and adventures, a shower speaker is for you. Bring it anywhere and have the coolest experience ever.

Shower speaker is a cool gadget you should invest to. Not only it turns a normal shower to an exciting one, but it makes your trips and experience superb. 

“It’s just a shower speaker. It’s meant to be used in the shower.”   

No, it’s not. This speaker provides an all-in-one pack experience wherever you are even at the peak of Mt. Everest.

Where to use the Shower Speakers?

Not to mention the shower singing, speaker for the shower is a great companion wherever you go. From the muddy hill to the river, from the pool to the seaside, your speaker is always ready.

More than anything else let me tell you where to bring your speaker and how significant it is in crafting a great experience.


Planning to go out of town and have fun? Carry your shower speaker. Write this down on top of your checklist so that you won’t forget.

Shower speaker is handy and won’t occupy a space and add weight in your luggage. If I were you, place it in personal bag so you can locate it whenever you want music.

Travelling alone or with a group is boring at times. Add music on the journey! It spices up the dull moments, improves bonding, and lessens the hassle of traveling far. That’s the coolest part of wandering.

Radio music is okay however singing along with your genre is the best. To make it happen, get the shower speaker out, connect it to your playlist, and play your favorite songs as long as you want.

Jam all day as your Bluetooth shower speaker won’t drain easily, which is great! Ultimately, have a surreal trip with good friends and music.


Swimming, trekking, name it all. Whatever is your kind of outing, a shower speaker is good to go.

Want to go on a swimming with the family? You have to prepare everything for a fun excursion.There’s the food, the swimsuits, and the stereo. The stereo? Are you sure?

Stereo is bulky, would you still bring it? Perhaps there are small-sized stereos, however, carrying it is tedious along with other important stuff.

Your phone is a great source of your music, too. But are you sure to bring it near the pool? Would you dare to place it in the pool gutter? Of course, NOT! Who would even try?

Consider a shower speaker! Promise, it won’t disappoint you.

First, it’s handy and lightweight. Your kid can just take care of it.

Second, its Bluetooth feature allows you to connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device. So if your choice of music varies from one to another, switching from one gadget to another is a swift.

Lastly, bring your music near the pool. Don’t bother because shower speakers are either waterproof or splash proof. Meaning, they can resist water under certain conditions. Have the freedom to bring it in the pool while you listen to your songs and have fun. Isn’t it cool?


When we say party, people, foods, and music are requisites. Your shower speaker is the best partner-in-crime in organizing a small yet fun get together with friends.

Would you still consider DVD’s and audio players? Oh my! Please, no! Take the shower speaker out. Turn on the Bluetooth and connect it. Select your playlist. Volumes up. Then party hard.

That’s it. You can even sing along with friends on your favorite 1D or Justin Bieber album.

This small, cute music technology offers a loud and clear volume that will reverberate inside and out the venue. Don’t judge by the cover. Though it is a small, hand-sized speaker, it delivers a bigger audio output perfect for a small get together.

Moreover, dance all day until your armpit sweats with the speaker’s 6 to 8 hours of playtime. Enjoy all day and night as the speaker won’t give up on you.


There is no wrong on staying at home on a Friday night while sitting in the living room with your comfy, cute pajamas on. Read books, watch movies, or just listen to suiting music, that’s all you yearn for because you only want to escape the drama of this noisy world.

Let the music embrace you. Let your song send you peace. Turn the world off and turn your shower speaker on. In this way, you’ll find serenity for a while.

Where to buy a Shower Speaker?

Varieties of speaker brands are advertised online. Each presents overwhelming figures and information to encourage you to jump in the bandwagon. However, don’t just skip to the abyss.

Here we explore different options and find out the best 10 speakers under the category. First in the list is the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker. They offer water-resistant speakers with five color options; each sold at a competitive price.

The SpeakStick shower speaker has outstanding features that are proven useful and practical by customers. You can check some reviews about the device’s functionality on their website. Get all information you need there.

What tips can we provide you?

Shower speakers are designed to resist water. However, you need to take care of it just like other devices you own. Like your phone, shower speakers should also be treasured. Remember: you have invested for it.

With all the aforementioned details, I hope we have helped you on your decision making, whether if purchasing a shower speaker is worthy or not.

You can bring shower speaker anywhere. It offers unlimited excitement and fun to add up to your experience. It won’t bring you down.

SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker aims to provide limitless music opportunities anywhere and anytime you go. This is why we highly recommend the brand for anyone who’s in search of a great speaker brand.

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