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Why Invest on a Speakstick Bluetooth Shower Speaker?

Except from smartphones, one of the most in-demand and popular technologies for teens today is the Bluetooth shower speaker. This small speaker comes with awesome functionalities and bodacious benefits which are the reasons why people are investing to it. Not only teens, but their mom and dad are also having fun with the gadget.

Bluetooth streaming devices gets the attention of so many people these days. Its success is undeniably burgeoning and the reasons were discussed here. We would also love to share with you most reliable and committed speaker brand in the market which is the Speakstick.

Why buy a shower speaker?

Go to your Twitter account and search for “shower speakers”. Don’t mind those advertisements and focus on those real users who posted about their speaker experience. You can see a lot of search results there.  And everyday new people are getting inspired to take a shower while listening to their favorite music.

Here are some few cool kids who loved a speaker for the shower.

The question now is which speaker brand you should buy? Let me answer your questions below.

What is SpeakStick Shower Speaker?

One of the most popular brands in this category is the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker. They offer speakers with a variety of color options to choose from. They have pink, blue, yellow, white, black, and green water-resistant speakers sold at a very competitive price. Besides the color, the design is sleek and simple. Anyone, even your kids, can conveniently navigate the control buttons.

Speakstick has the goal of providing people with limitless music opportunities. Meaning, we want you to listen to your songs anywhere you are.

The team has come up with this goal as they themselves feel the limitation of bringing music wherever they want. But with the SpeakStick, our life has improved a lot.

Now that the speaker is available, you can already bring the fun wherever without any hassle. It  won’t occupy much space in your bag as it is handy and small so you can just even hold or put it in your pocket. The choice is yours.

So the answer: the SpeakStick shower speaker.

What are the best features of the SpeakStick?

Of all shower speakers we know, we always recommend the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker. Why? Because it is packed with bodacious features you won’t get from any other speakers at a decent price. Below we listed 5 of its coolest and best features.

  1. Water-resistant

If you are in search of a speaker that lasts for a lifetime, the SpeakStick is perfect. Just stick it anywhere in the shower wall and you are good to go. The suction cap holds your speaker in place. It can stand water splashes so you won’t worry damaging it. Your morning shower will turn as your coolest concert stage with the SpeakStick.

  1. Call feature

You will never miss your calls anymore. The speaker has a hands-free call feature that enables you to answer and reject phone calls through the speaker whenever you are in the shower. 

  1. Bluetooth connection

You no longer need to bring your phone while taking a bath. The Bluetooth speaker can handle your shower activities and make it more exciting. The SpeakStick easily connects with any Bluetooth devices, whether that is a phone, computer, or laptop. You can only connect to one device at a time and stream to music at your ease. Isn’t it cool? That means your smartphone is safe from water splashes that may cause damage.

  1. More Playtime and Less Charging time

The SpeakStick provides you with peace anywhere you go as you can use it for 6-8 hours for a non-stop fun. It is also easy re-charge up to 2-4 hours.  With more music playtime and lesser charging hours, you will definitely enjoy the moment with friends and loved ones. 

  1. Sound Quality

Last but not the least, the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker offers quality and excellent sound output. You can listen to music without being bothered by any static sound and hiss. Its loud audio output is good for a small get together. 

How to purchase SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speakers?

SpeakStick shower speaker is available online. You can buy it in the comforts of your home with just a few clicks. Get the speaker from Amazon without additional fees or directly from their official website, SpeakStick.net. Sign up to their mailing list to get special dsicount as well. They also offer free shipping when you buy 2 speaker sets.

Choose your speaker color, click on the “Add to Cart” button, and complete the checkout process by registering your account. Expect the item delivered to your mailing address within 2 to 10 days.

Your package includes the Bluetooth water-resistant speaker and a mini USB connection for re-charging purposes.

Why are you guaranteed with SpeakStick?

When you buy from SpeakStick.net, you are entitled to a lifetime total satisfaction guarantee program. Proven trustworthy by most bloggers, you’ll surely get a taste of fresh and cool music from SpeakStick. We also have certifications that attest to our brand’s authenticity.

When can I buy a Shower Speaker?   

Anytime! The SpeakStick has available stocks right now but don't wait until it’s sold out. The earlier you purchase, the earlier you will enjoy limitless music opportunity from where you are. Party whenever and wherever with your friends, and get the ultimate satisfaction only with a shower speaker.

Be like those cool kids and teens that have enjoyed their shower with the speaker.

And to answer the first question “Is Speakstick Bluetooth shower speaker worth an investment?” My answer is a big YES! Getting one for your use will be greatest highlight of your life. Not only we give music, but we provide you the best shower, memorable experience, and fun engagement with your peers and friends.

Thinking about where to bring your shower speaker besides your bathroom? Learn here

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