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Why Shower Bluetooth Speaker is your Perfect Companion Anywhere?

Just this morning, I was awaken by a deafening sound from the neighborhood. The guy on the next door sets the stereo’s volume to extreme to listen to his hard rock music while he showers. OMG! I was terrified. I was in the middle of a beautiful dream with someone handsome then this rocker just ruined it. Anyway, what could I do? I jump out from my bed.

So while eating my breakfast, I was thinking why there’s a need for him to have background music while showering. Would that help him scrub all his dead skins o look awesome? Oh no! That won’t happen anymore. Sorry for being mean. As you know, I woke up bad.

Maybe if he played the songs of Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber, it would be fine. But the likes of Nirvana and The Who, sorry that’s not my thing.

Anyway, I know people who shower with music including my brother, but he doesn’t disturb anyone in the house. However sometimes, with so-good music in the bathroom, I think he forgot that he’s off to the shower, not party. I almost pee in my pajamas waiting for him to go out from his almost 2 hours of bath. OMG! Have you experienced that? One afternoon, with all his singing in bathroom, the music suddenly stopped. And he came out from the shower holding his iPhone. Sad but truth, his phone is dead. I mean, it dives in the pale of water. You know what I mean.

He was frustrated. Since I love him and I’m his elder sister, I bought a Bluetooth speaker for shower use, not solely for his use.

I learned about the shower speaker from one of my friends. She has the SpeakStick Bluetooth Shower Speaker in pink, I got mine in white. That’s girlish than the other colors--- blue, black, green. The SpeakStick works great. I actually loved it. If you would ask me why, I would give you thousand answers. But I would just emphasize the top 6 reasons why SpeakStick Bluetooth Speaker for shower is the best.

The design is awesome.

I chose the white SpeakStick speaker. I want clean-looking thing that’s why I chose the color. And it blends in all occasion and activities so incase I go on a pajama party with my friends, I can bring this. Or if ever we have to practice at school, the speaker looks great with my uniform. Anyway, I just love the color. But I still recommend other available colors. They are pleasant as well.

The sound is great.

I mean my favorite songs sound good in this speaker unlike when I played it in my phone.  The volume is also loud and adjustable. I have used it in a small get together with my friends. We had a party at my best- friend’s house and the SpeakStick made the party fun.

The speaker is handy.

I brought it during our family swimming out of the town. Since it’s a shower speaker, I expect that it is perfect for the beach. Bringing it along with my things never give me any hassle feeling. I placed it in my big with my personal things. And guess what? We used it all the time during our stay. My uncles told that they love it and they would love to buy as well.

The speaker is splashproof.

To make it clear, the SpeakStick is not waterproof but splashproof. Meaning, you can bring it near water but do not submerge it. Despite the limitation of the speaker, I would still recommend this to everyone. Me and the kids enjoyed the water with cool music background. Also, my brother is using SpeakStick when he showers.

 The speaker is affordable.

I bought my speaker for only $20. I take advantage of the SpeakStick’s  50% OFF promo. The original price is $40. You would want to follow their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for their latest updates. Anyway, with $40, you will get a decent speaker and features. I swear!

The speaker is versatile.

Want to have fun, travel, party, swim, or hike? No worries. The SpeakStick Shower Bluetooth Speaker is all out to adventures. Whenever and wherever you go, get great sound and premium audio from the shower speaker.

Above are 6 of the best reasons why I am proud of this Speaker. I have a lot more to share but its better if you discover it yourself.

There is a big difference in our life before and after I purchased the speaker. That is  now, I always have music with me. Wherever I go, I have uninterrupted and ultimate audio experience with SpeakStick. Use it for 4-6 hours until you gave up. Depending on the volume, music can play for more than 6 hours. It is fast charging as well so you can party whenever wherever.

So where can you buy it? Just visit SpeakStick.net and choose your color. The check out process is swift, no need for extra requirements like other online shops. They also have an Amazon store, where you can read users review  if you are not sure of buying from them. But don’t worry because you are guaranteed by their lifetime satisfaction if ever the package arrived damaged. I’m sure you won’t experience that.

By the way, the shipping only took 3 days for me. I don’t know for the others but in my experience, I was impressed by how fast the delivery was. The customer service is always available and accommodating so if you have concerns and need help, you can just ring them.

I am pleased of this Shower Bluetooth Speaker from SpeakStick. I am planning to give this as a gift to our neighbor so that he won’t disturb us again and again.

By the way, it became my practice to listen to music in the shower after I bought the SpeakStick. Now I know the feeling of having some fun in the shower. It took me 1 to 2 hours to finish my bath.

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