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How a Speaker for the Shower Makes an Exciting Beach Vacation?

Summer is coming! How busy are you preparing for the season? Like everybody else, you should get ready as early as now. Some are working hard to achieve their best beach body. Others are planning for a summer escapade out of town. How about you? Have you packed your beach bag? Make sure everything needed is ready.

In order not to forget these things, creating a checklist is a big help. Of course, swimsuit is priority. Who would miss that? No one!

Make sure to write down the important stuff necessary for a tranquil and blissful excursion.

And of all, do not forget to bring good music. Bring a Bluetooth shower speaker.

Now you are asking me why you should bother to bring one. Well, let me tell you one- by one.

Below are the reasons why bringing a Bluetooth shower speaker will make your vacation more exciting.

1. Experience a Hassle- Free Outing

You don’t need to worry anymore because the SpeakStick Bluetooth speaker for the shower is waterproof. With this, you will have greater time to have fun than to worry on anything else. I knew several people who went home fuming from a supposed to be cool outing as their electronic valuables were damaged.

We don’t want you to experience the same. All we give people are pleasurable moments worthy of remembering. Our aim is to keep you cool and happy. And through our shower speaker, you will be happier with a hassle- free outing.

2. No to Big and Heavy Baggage

One way to get the most of your vacation is to witness the beauty of the place and experience the refinement of being there. Only it will become possible with lighter and few bags to carry. No one can ever reach more places with bulky baggage. That is odd and tedious.

Usually, people need not to bring a lot for a summer vacation. Some would bring several pairs of clothes for a few days of stay. Others would like to bring music in the beach, which is fine because outings and get- together are more fun with it. The question is what would you bring to make it happen?

I have an answer for that, the SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker. That’s what I recommend. The SpeakStick is small and lightweight. Just like a stereo, this handy speaker offers a decent and satiable sound for an exciting excursion.

3. Feel Free to Stream near the Sea shore

Sunbathing is relaxing, but is more suiting with music. Would you dare to bring your phone near water? Would you place it on the sand? If you will ask me, I would answer, NO!

Listening to music, depending on your taste and liking, helps eliminates stress and allows you to rejuvenate from the pressure you get everyday. Being with nature is also one of the nicest ways to perk up. So if you go to the beach, maximize your time. Enjoy and rest.

If you want to stay in the shore while listening to your songs, you can do so. The shower speaker allows you to stream to music at a certain distance from your phone. Having a Bluetooth speaker for shower won’t costs you anything than getting your phone wet just to enjoy the music.

4. Have Fun with Your Kids

Kids love music the way you do. Play their favorite children songs and sing-a-long with them. That would be one of their memorable moments during your vacation. Moreover, let the shower speaker plays the lullaby songs for your kid to sleep. Play with them. Ask them to dance or sing. Kids are likely to perform and groove to music.

Let them handle the speaker. With the SpeakStick’s easy to navigate buttons, you are sure that they can setup the music in just no time. The speaker is also made for kids. Just guide them in the proper usage of the gadget and remind them not to drop the speaker. The plastic cover might get damaged.

5. Share the Experience with Your Love Ones

Not everyone from the family can be with you during the vacation. But it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to share the fun with them. With the shower speaker, you can call anyone, talk to them, and share the best experiences you have so far. You can receive calls as well.

Even though you just get off from the water and your hands are still wet, you can still answer the call without harming your phone. Have a hands-free phone call with SpeakStick. Besides, its built-in microphone, a clear audio speaker enables you to share the most pleasurable moments with your love ones.

So even others are not around during the beach getaway, making them feel you are together is possible with a shower speaker.

Besides from the five rewards we mentioned above, there are more benefits the SpeakStick Shower speaker offers. These are for you to discover.

SpeakStick only costs $40. They offer special discounts up to 50% off. Check on their website. You are guaranteed of pleasurable experience worthy of your investment. The SpeakStick is not only best for the summer but for almost all activities you may think, name it.

I hope I have proven why you should bring a shower speaker to your beach escapade. Now that you have completed your checklist, go ahead and pack your things. Enjoy the summer!

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