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"I purchased this for my hubby who blasts his radio so loud when showering, I cannot hear the TELEVISION in another space. So technically, I bought it for me ... Well, it is way even more than I expected. I was afraid initially it would work, due to the fact that it was only $20, but I'll be damned if this little speaker does not pack a powerful punch! The sound quality isn't as bassy as other bluetooth speaker I have however it likewise costed 3xs as much. It connects rapidly, charged quickly, and stuck on secure to our shower tiles to be put completely where you feel it sounds the finest. In between hubby and I - we have actually used this SpeakStick over 10xs so far, and it still has not lost a charge. It truly deserves it for the $$. I recommend extremely."

David Bram


"I offered this SpeakStick to my niece who's away at college, residing in an apartment with 3 other individuals. My niece and her good friend love it. When they called to inform me about it, they definitely gushed about how excellent it is. They said the sound quality is great and the features are superb. I personally haven't utilized it, however I trust exactly what they said, specifically considering their enthusiasm."
Karol Katelbek

"This is an excellent device. They were selling the older variation on groupon, so naturally the first place I wanted to buy it was amazon. Amazon offers a newer/better variation. The speaker is Quite loud offered its size, and the speakerphone works effectively. No problems whatsoever coupleding with iOS devices, and the variety is wonderful. This is an excellent and affordable gift."
Dana Marom
"The issue I typically have with these items has the tendency to be a short life, I have actually just had this model a couple of weeks so I will need to upgrade when it dies, but up until now I actually like it. The suction cups holds well, the battery has lasted 5 showers and still going strong, the volume is not the loudest, however it is loud enough to hear plainly, the buttons all work as anticipated (Though if I had not read previously that the next and prev buttons also operate as volume up and down, I would not have understood how to adjust the volume ...) and the Bluetooth linked easily to my Iphone 5."
Frider Lerondy
Functions excellent in the shower by the tub whoever you might have water you will like this and the noise is super."
Jessi Trym
"This SpeakStick speaker does the job, its adorable, good noise, works well with my iphone. Im able to take a shower and prepare while hearing my music now while my phone is charging. The volume is respectable. def loud enough to hear over the water, there is no blasting the music however i can def still hear it if i go to another space in the location. I also had the ability to answer the phone while in the shower which was cool. the only thing i desire siri might work with it so it would read me my text messages however thats my only complaint.
I enjoy this speaker and use it every morning."
Grey Micels
"I had actually gotten a royal shower speaker whom I enjoyed but distributed to a pal. I really wanted to get something with excellent quality too but not too costly. When I got this one I attempted it and it worked, but the volume was bad ... People from the establishment composed back to me and told me the best ways to make the volume go up (as it does not reveal a volume button anywhere) I am glad they did, which I didn't return it ... It is a great little speaker and I use it daily!"
Brian Trey
"Perfect !! Exactly, what I was looking for in a Bluetooth speaker. Great noise for such a little package. Absolutely suggest."
David Oconery
"I have actually had this for about a week and I am really impressed so far. You can alter the song, alter the volume, pause, play everything right in the shower. I like it due to the fact that I can leave the other room and not worry about the steam from my shower harmful my smart phone. It's a well-designed and developed product. Initially, I didn't believe I could enhance the volume on the speaker and the only way to adjust it was on my mobile device. However, if you simply hold down forward or reverse it will increase or minimize the volume. I would advise this SpeakStick to my fellow shower musicians."
Piter Wiliamson

"I absolutely enjoy this product. I just combine up my phone, click Amazon MP3 player and choose my play list from the Cloud. The volume is controlled by the phone, not the speaker. If I get a call, it beeps and mutes the music. I used it a few days ago to clean the backyard - I put it on the porch, and I could hear my tunes anywhere. I am going to use it this summertime while gardening, and for backyard barbecues. Highlight is, I don't have to stress over it being outdoors due to the fact that it's waterproof. The battery goes a long, long period of time without recharging - possibly when every 2 weeks. Where has this been all my life?"
Mike Robreson
"Wonderful product for a cheap price !!
Easy to make use of, quickly charge, long last battery. Works best on glass than tile. This little thing is amazing! (thats what she said). Sound quality is excellent, it connects right to my phone no hassle, and ive been sneaking all types of people out by calling them in the shower. The ability to alter tunes is vital, and the battery has not run out (had to do with 2 weeks). Do it."
Debi Loren
"I purchased the SpeakStick Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker for two factors: I like having something to view something or listen to something while in the shower and it had good evaluations.

Quality: Develop quality was much better than expected. It was actually not too shoddy. Not that it matters really too much, however the buttons aren't the entire designated button location. It simply puts, the in fact button itself underneath the rubber, isn't the full button area so if you aren't pushing it very near the middle you'll just strike a soft spot. I can not say much about sturdiness given that I've just had it for 6 days.

Suction cup: well obviously there are limitations to a suction cup, can't be a permeable surface area, so do not be getting all pouty if it does not deal with your shower walls. I attached mine to my shower door given that it was glass and it has not budged considering that.

Battery Life: Given I only utilize it when I shower, but up until now, at max volume, it has actually lasted me 6 days with 2 showers a day.

Sound quality/volume: clearly it's not going to match a home theater system, however the quality was respectable and loud adequate to hear in the shower. I have actually not utilized it for a telephone call yet though so not too sure how the mic quality is.

Absolutely, check out the directions, sure it's not in ideal English, however it is enough to utilize the product."
Fred Navon

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