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Which Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is for you?

Array of waterproof Bluetooth speakers are available online. You can find them in Amazon and other online web stores. But with plenty of choices offered, we became unsure which one to buy.

SpeakStick Bluetooth shower speaker offers 5 speaker colors, which are blue, pink, black, green, and white waterproof speakers, to play your music anytime and anywhere. To help you find the best speaker for your purchase and lessen the hassle of daunting decision making, SpeakStick.net is here to help you.

The SpeakStick Waterproof Speaker Colors

SpeakStick speakers have 5 color options. We have blue, black, white, pink, and green. Each speaker fits a certain personality type. Here we put a detailed description of each SpeakStick to help you reflect and decide which speaker best suits your persona.

While you may not demonstrate all the traits mentioned here, you will likely agree with it. You may take these ideas with grain of salt, no worries.

Blue Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Blue is people’s most favorite color, no wonder why our blue shower speaker leads the sale. It represents refreshment and buoyancy that are appreciated by most people around.

If you are the type of person who loves resting on your back while watching the sky, this waterproof speaker is best for you. With this speaker, you feel peace and tranquility. It offers serenity as you play mellow songs from it. It helps you revive from the stress everyday offers.

People who love our Blue speakers are reliable and conservative. They are trustworthy. While they stay wary to someone on their first meeting, they are still open for engagement until they become sure and confident with them. Often times, shoppers who pick the blue SpeakStick are not impulsive. They meticulously decide on which speaker to buy until they find their match--- the blue SpeakStick shower speaker. 

The Blue waterproof Bluetooth speakers are best for the beach and other outdoor water activities, not to mention the shower singing.

Black Wateproof Bluetooth Speaker

Black often represents power and prestige. So if you love color black, you have the quality of independence and determination. Black is also the color of most corporate industries.

Black is vibrant for young adults and teenagers. The color represents group of people who are in search of their unique identity. These types have solid decisions to what is right and just.

People who bought our black shower speakers were fully decided on their choice. They are certain on their item option and never get destructed by other available products.

The Black waterproof Bluetooth speakers appear great in parties and sophisticated get- together. It is also perfect for office and corporate use.

White Wateproof Bluetooth Speaker

The color white represents immaculateness and optimism. If white is your favorite color, you are probably discreet, sensible, well- balanced, and wise. You are even cautious and practical in spending money.

People who love white have impeccable standards of hygiene and cleanliness. You are neat. And the way you organize yourself is fanatical. Despite being so keen, you have a positive and optimistic nature.

Customers who bought the white SpeakStick shower speaker are not spontaneous. They have self control and are confident on their buying decisions. They are satisfied with their white speakers and do not have any doubt and second thoughts in purchasing it.

The white speaker allows you to stream to music while doing some cleaning and other tasks at home.

Pink Wateproof Bluetooth Speaker

Pink is a feminine color. It portrays a loving, genuine, kind, and sensitive personality, mostly seen on young ladies. If your favorite color is pink, it seems that you are approachable and friendly. Moreover, you show care to everyone.

If you love pink, you are optimistic. You have positive outlooks in life and love people so much. Pink lovers are also organized and methodical, though there are moments that you became flippant. However, your being organized dominates most.

Most of our customers who bought the Pink Bluetooth shower speakers were ladies. For men, this is a perfect gift for your ladies like your wife and daughter.

The pink SpeakStick creates a perfect blend with pajama parties. Use it to play your study music with friends. That will be great, for sure!

Green Wateproof Bluetooth Speaker

Green is the color of nature. It often corresponds to community- minded people. People whose favorite color is green are seldom sociable but more often spends time with nature. They are also intelligent and open to new learning.

You are down-to-earth and practical person if you love green. You are generous, compassionate, and kind as well. It shows as you always care for others. The downside of green lovers is you neglect yourself. You also love to engage on community groups.

People who buy the green SpeakStick often sends the shower speaker as a gift. And since they are outgoing, they also bring the speaker to their activities. Hikers and other nature lovers agree that green SpeakStick shower speaker is for them.

Always bring your green SpeakStick to your outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and camping. It guarantees a fun and enjoyable experience with music.

SpeakStick Shower Bluetooth Shower Speaker for Everyone

Have you find your perfect match? Which color portrays your type? Though our speakers have their own unique personality, we would like to emphasize that the SpeakStick shower speakers are for everyone regardless of your personality and favorite color. Choose the color you want without getting bothered of their personalities.

Whichever you bought, we guarantee equally amazing functionalities of our speakers. Use it anytime and anywhere to stream your favorite songs and enjoy music while doing your activities.

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